Saturday, 7 September 2013

Venus in Libra: Pleasant Manners

The astrological forecast continues to be dramatic, intense, difficult, transformative. Take your pick!

In the immediate foreground, Sun and Mercury in Virgo are activating our attention to details and urging to get organised. Today I got out all my files and set them in order … something I have been wanting to do for ages. Thank you Virgo!! Easy peasy!

We had a New Moon on Thursday and if you hurry you can still squeeze in an intention for the coming month. This beginning Moon in Virgo is all about the details. 

Mars in Leo adds fire to our actions, and many will experience  an acceleration of activity in the area Mars sits in their chart. (see tab at top for house meanings) And though it's warp speed forward Scotty, a short term square to Saturn will slow you down for a few days. So if your wheels are churning, have patience; this too shall pass.

And while you are waiting,  this is a good time to look at your diet and exercise regimes as health issues are also highlighted in Virgo. We can handle stress much more easily when we are feeling at our best. That green smoothie not only feeds you energy, it stabilises you in the midst of so much intense energy.

Moon joins Venus in Libra, bringing us grace and poise as we deal with challenging situations. Combining harmoniously with Neptune’s soothing spiritual energy, the planet of love and relating says ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ (or the big stuff). Find the beauty in even the most awkward situations. 

The Moon (emotions)  squares Pluto (the destroyer)  this weekend, so there could be emotional standoffs (again) and knee-jerk reactions or  feeling controlled or manipulated. Then on Monday it hits Saturn and some of us will feel a bit stuck in feelings we can't express. This can add more pressure to an already loaded situation. 

Like I said...walk away Rene" and let Venus help smooth the way.

“Pleasant manners succeed, even with difficult people.”      (#10. Treading. I Ching)

And if you can’t be nice, be quiet!!  Did your mother ever say that? (mine did)   It’s bloody good advice right now. As the war-mongers gather steam, yet again, every one of us needs to hold a space for peace on this planet.

We can only do that if we are connecting to peace within ourselves.

There are so many triggers and challenges right now.  You may inadvertently step on the toes of people who are itching for a good ol’ fight.

Don’t get sucked in.   Hold your head up; take the high road. Please! 

Mars in tension with Saturn means many of our reactions and immediate plans will be thwarted anyway, so why waste the time on a fight when you know its not worth it. Sometimes it really is better to walk away (so you can return to fight another day!)

Remember, the shaking down is only there to release  what we don’t need anyway, and it is part of the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual (yup…all of it) healing needed on our planet and in our lives.

The Grand Trine in Water signs continues to encourage the development of emotional intelligence. Get in touch with what’s really going on within you. This is really the whole thing right now. Saturn in Scorpio will help with that. Its position at the North Node(destiny Point) shows that it is all our clear old emotional baggage and dysfunctional belief systems so we can truly step into being in our magnificence.

Neptune in Pisces is helping as it both brings up and washes away our traumas. There are waves of Mercy here. And so much love.

Jupiter in Cancer expands that nurturing great mother that holds us and rocks us. It will bestow grace and a nurturing presence into the most strife filled situations.

Venus in Libra brings beauty and grace through our creative self expression…

As my friend Lina would say… 'It's all good!'

Yes, even the breakdowns and even the trauma. We are moving through and out of some very entrenched energies that have operated on planet earth for a very long time, and each of us is clearing our own personal version. This truly is the cusp of a new era, and as the saying goes, 'it is always the darkest before the dawn.'   

Yet there is always light shining … within. That is where the comfort lies. That is what is real.
A new day is dawning and we are part of making it happen. It starts with me and it starts with you. 
Every day.

I wish you peace!

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