Sunday, 15 September 2013

Full Moon on Thursday: “The unexamined life is not worth living”.

We are heading toward the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are at equal length. It is a time of balancing and harmonizing as the Sun sips into the sign of Libra next weekend. Finding an equilibrium could be a challenge right now, with so many oppositional energies fighting for dominance in our highly charged astrological climate.

While the Sun is still in Virgo,  it is urging us to pay attention to details as we organize  those tasks that need doing; this is the proverbial 'bringing in the harvest' as the Full Moon approaches.

Mars in Leo is excited about … well so many things. Saturn has been holding that enthusiasm in check somewhat this past week, but things will smooth out now as Mars moves further into Leo. If you have a birth date in mid august you should be feeling pretty fired up right now.

On the other hand, this Thursday’s Full Moon in Pisces has a very watery feel.  This gentle, ethereal energy will activate our dreams and imagination, and as the Moon fills out on Thursday, some of us will just want to float wistfully down a river. If you feel just a tad vulnerable under this lunar glow, take time out to nurture your tender heart, and let your imagination wander.

The Full Moon is also  part of the ongoing Grand Water Trine . This is a beautiful, emotionally cleansing energy field.  Step into the healing waters … let it wash away your troubles.

If you have creative projects on hold, now is a good time to get them going. The combination of fire (Mars in Leo) and water (Moon in Pisces) brings a rainbow of creative expression.

Meanwhile, Venus, planet of love and relating (and also money) joins Saturn’s in Scorpio, encouraging us to explore the nature of our energy exchanges … be they sexual or monetary.  Frustrations or blockages serve to draw our attention to what lies beneath the surface. A little psychological deep sea diving will bring up some treasures now; and though not always easy, will be much worth the effort.

Remember, part of emotional intelligence is to ask the right questions.

STOP =  Stop Think Observe Proceed

The 'observe' part of that would involve really 'feeling into things' (aided by the powerful water element).  How do you ‘suss’ what is truly right and wrong for you? Or for another?   The astrology suggests that if you find some resistance or blockage, feel into it. As you check it out on a visceral level… ask:  Is it lingering around in the body, emotions or energy field ... or is it a thought or a belief (or expectation) that is holding you back?  

Sometimes it is something that has been denied or suppressed for too long… that now needs expressing. That could be due to Lilith, an astrological point that is being activated right now. Her presence says it is highly likely that what has been suppressed is our feeling self, our intuition, our sensitivity, our feminine side. She also represents  female power. 'I am woman. hear me roar!! ' She is waiting to be heard after being denied for too long. I promise to tell her story next post. Till then, know that she is appearing very strongly and will not be denied. 

Speaking up for ourselves is sometimes a steep learning curve.  Mercury (communication) is now in Libra, the sign of balance and relating.  Mercury will soon be adding the fourth angle on the grand cross aspect we are getting to know so intimately.  This will amplify the need to speak our truth, though the planetary tension could cause words to come out all wrong, or be taken in the wrong way. 

Libra urges us see the other persons point of view; it seeks harmony and balance and helps us develop diplomacy under pressure. Use it to smooth out those rough edges and think things out before you speak! (or before you start bombing someones country!)  

Hopefully,  this placement’s harmonizing tendencies can help sooth many a difficult situation…

 ‘Pleasant manners succeed, even with difficult people.’

Yet we mustn’t let politeness get in the way of being honest. Saturn in Scorpio is all about being real. I told you it’s a tricky balance right now.

The Grand Water Trine notwithstanding, there is very  tense astrology right now and through the coming weeks, as the  Pluto Uranus square continues to rock our world.

Yet despite these tensions, or even because of them, there is a truly dynamic, creative force available for change and transformation. If you can harness and direct it accordingly, great things can happen.  Sometimes it is not until we are pushed that we seek new solutions. What’s that saying about ‘insanity’ :  ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get  the same results?

Time for something completely different!!

Good luck with that. 

Happy Full Moon!!


  1. Hello Raven, I keep reading your posts with great pleasure. So often I feel exactly what you write about! One of these days, I look forward to having you read my chart. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, it helps me think I just might not be going crazy! Irene in Beaconsfield

    1. Hi Irene.
      It's so nice to hear from you...I am glad the blog is hitting home. I don't make up the astrology... just describe what it is doing!! An Astrology reading can be a lot of fun and surprisingly accurate. Meanwhile I am happy you are enjoying the blog.