Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sun and Mercury in Virgo: Get with the Program!

We are now in the season of Virgo, where details and focus bring us out of summer's slower pace into the approaching autumnal focus on of work and activity. We continue to have some pretty spectacular astrology in the skies above us. Right now, Mars (action) in fiery Leo is picking up the pace, while Sun Mercury in persnickety Virgo wants us to get with the program. 

We have come through some pretty powerful events these last couple years, and the pressure to transform and  change continues. 

The Grand Sextile/Star of David formation  is active again this weekend as two Grand Trine formations overlap each other. This auspicious combination of planets is a sign of  grace and mercy at work in the universe. It is telling us that we will get through these times if we focus and ground our energy (earth), while allowing for the fluidity of deep feelings (water) to guide us through the changes that are afoot.

A Grand Trine is made up of three planets all in equal, 120 degree angles from each other. A trine is considered an easy flow of energy where the planets involved work together harmoniously. 

Part of astrology deals with where planets are in the sky, as defined by the sign that governs each area (like Virgo or Scorpio etc).

The second part is about the angles or spaces between the planets. These angles create energy patterns, or grids, that set off harmonious or tense reverberations throughout our galaxy, which then impact us here on earth.

Our birth chart, determined for the exact moment, day and place we emerged from the womb, depicts these patterns as a particular energetic map of the planetary energies on that day. That chart is also divided into sections called houses, and planets in houses show specific areas of activity effected by that planets energetic blueprint.

Then on any given day,  planets passing through a similar area of your chart can set off whatever they come into contact with. For example, if Saturn is passing through the area that your moon sits in, you may feel a bit down or more pessimistic than usual. A seriousness will overtake you and it will take more effort than usual to reach out and have fun.

There are pluses and minuses for every aspect, and each of us react differently to them all. Our birth chart shows our basic patterns of behaviour, which in turn will show how we may react to these passing influences. Saturn can be a downer sometimes in its seriousness ands focus on duty, yet it also brings maturity and a sense of responsibility that will serve us in accomplishing our goals. 

Phew!! It’s a lot isn’t it? Much more than the trite comments in the Astrology column of today’s paper!

If you are doubting the energetic blueprint part of this, go to to hear the sound of Pluto as recorded by Nasa. (the recorded electric magnetic frequencies have been converted to sound) There are links to other plants as well.

Have you ever heard the term “Music of the Spheres”?
It’s a symphony of epic proportions and we are just a spec in this grand design.

And we specs do feel and react to these frequencies, whether we are conscious of it or not (perhaps like a dog responding to a high pitched whistle that most people cannot hear, some of us are tuned in to these frequencies more than others)

How the planets frequencies interact with each other  
 (determined by the mathematical angles)  creates energetic patterns, which can trigger a range of moods, feelings, reactions etc.  We can study these patterns and frequencies to understand what energies are affecting us at any given moment, and that study totally fascinating (if you are so inclined, as I am)

Take today’s symphony. It has both discordant and harmonious melodies going on simultaneously, all playing at high volume and triggering all manner of calamities and joys and everything in between..

The tense angles are highly revolutionary and rebellious, wanting transformation and change and ready to throw out the old order.

The ones which contain ease and flow are helping us deal with the tense aspects, providing  avenues for creativity and harmonious expression that will offset to some degree, some of the harsh aspects that are now working to shake up this planets.

The Grand Sextile provides a harmonious grounding that beckons us to walk our talk and put our inner visions into view and into practise.

The current breakdown - shakedown energies are working to remove old, rotting structures and systems that can no longer support us. This pruning is not always pretty, yet once the debris is cleared, there will be fresh ground available for a new era based on (hopefully) more enlightened values ( as compared to greed, power over and might-is-right)

If some of these profoundly  radical  influences are hitting your own chart (and thus life) directly, you are in the cross-hairs of this transforming energy. Know that this process is truly for your betterment and growth(though it probably doesn’t feel like it) and there will be blessings and respite once the dust settles.

Till then, hang on and enjoy the ride!

I am adding some stories slowly but surely in the Personal Peeks tab above to demonstrate just how devastating as well as transformative these energies can be.

We are all being pushed to step beyond the know reality we have built our life upon as Pluto in Capricorn dismantles the structures and systems of an ailing planet. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces bring healing and solace as our vulnerabilities surface.

Saturn in Scorpio sits close to the Destiny Point (North Node of the Moon) showing us that this the time to step up to the plate. The theme is ‘take responsibility for your own life', face whatever is stopping you from being the best that you can be, forgive yourself and others you blame for your apparent failures, and claim the Mastery that Saturn wants to bestow on you for your hard work and effort.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

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