Monday, 23 September 2013

Saturn Venus: Part 2 (continued from last post)

I wanted to add a bit more around the presence of the North Node (Destiny Point}  in conjunction with Saturn and Venus. This combination  indicates there are important lessons around love for us all, and  anyone with planets or angles (ascendant, descendant, IC, MC) close by (8 degrees Scorpio) will feel them most intensely.

This three way conjunction is still in play (though it is now slowly waning, the effects will continue to ripple out  in the next few weeks). Changes and insights around current relationships will likely be long lasting.  Endings may occur, as well as solidifications. Though uncomfortable, remember that doubts that come up at this time can lead us into deeper introspection ... and thus to emotional growth and transformation, as per the Saturn in Scorpio energy I have written about. (see tab at top).

The subject of LOVE has been written about throughout the ages ... and these words here can only seem to scratch the surface of this profound subject. Still one has to try. I came across an excellent article by astrologer Melanie Reinhart on the current combination of Saturn and Venus and the North Node and thought I'd add some of it here.

Earlier in the article (link at bottom)  Melanie reminds us that Venus is about value ... and in particular, about how we value our self. This leads to how we love and how we attract love.

 Saturn is associated with life lessons and also with melancholy... which often arises as the result of feeling stymied or challenged to go deeper. The following is excerpted from

Saturn, Venus and The Dragon’s Head  By Melanie Reinhart | September 23, 2013

"Venus-Saturn-Node: Receiving the Energy

With this triple conjunction as a curtain-raiser for the forthcoming eclipse season, contemplate, expect, or perhaps even cultivate some of the following:

Insight about relationships, past and present (and perhaps future?)

Rich, deep feelings, passion and desire. Develop the capacity to “hold” and savour these experiences, rather than suppressing them or being at their mercy.

Deep letting go — “something” is ending

Tender melancholy, joyful solemnity

Quiet, internal rejuvenation

Recognition and release of negative judgements about self and others

Meetings with people significant to your destiny, “fellow-travellers”

Moving beyond mourning into appreciation of those who are no longer part of your physical life, due to death or separation

Appreciation of long-term connections with people who are in your life now

Connection with the soul’s deepest sense of Value and values

Awareness of where and how discipline is needed

Being given the “task list” for the next phase of your life

Let’s not be afraid of melancholy.

In Medieval times, this experience was respected and understood to generate deep philosophic insights. Now, however, the merest hint of it risks being pathologised and medicated out of existence. Current propaganda encourages us to be “up, bright, and shiny” all the time, but perhaps the soul-movement of the current Saturn-Venus will allow us to revalue, appreciate, and perhaps even enjoy (Venus) our own melancholy moods (Saturn). Try letting yourself feel like a melancholy but happy Hermit, while in the midst of “it all.” Saturn-Node-Venus will love this sadhana!(3) " (spiritual practice)

This is an important opportunity to learn from our relationships. I invite you to dive deep, and enjoy your reveries....(and revelations)

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