Sunday, 28 July 2013

Star of David: Redemption

Tomorrows astrology is quite remarkable. If you have been feeling overwhelmed or fed up with all the shakin' and awakenin' going on, tomorrows Grand Sextile/Star of David brings a powerful message of hope.

I have been on holiday and having difficulty getting my posts uploaded due to being in a fairly inaccessible area re internet. Yes, there are still some places on the planet where the World Wide Web cannot reach.  A blessing and a curse LOL!

I am now home and catching up on everything. Today I have just a few moments for this post but I wanted to get out the alert re this wonderful astrological signature.

I have heard many descriptions of tomorrow's Grand Sextile/Star of David configuration.  It contains two Grand Trines overlaid on each other: One in Water, one in Earth creating a six pointed star.  Grand trines are extremely positive flow of energy between the planets involved. The two together involve all the celestial bodies  in a beautiful dance of redemption. Hurray! A positive message in the midst of all this change, upheaval and emotional overhaul.

It is saying 'don't worry, there is hope.'  

The following was also posted on my FB page (see side bar). Sorry for repeat. When I have more time I will write a bit more about this. The effects will ripple out for some time so don't worry, you won't miss it. Just feel it!!

"It all began with the celestial formation known as a Grand Water Trine which began on July 17, 2013. This harmonious triangle of Water-sign planets (Jupiter/Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces) is a building block for a more rare configuration, known as a Star of David, which will form on July 29, 2013.
(see last posts for more on the Grand Water Trine)

The 6-pointed (double triangle) Star of David comes into focus when planets in the Earth signs (Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn) form a Trine as the Last Quarter Moon enters Taurus on the 29th.

 This Grand Earth Trine moves into perfect formation with the Grand Water Trine, forming a radiant Star out in space – a gathering of positive and harmonious aspects completely surrounding the planet in a Sacred Geometric configuration.

The Star of David is being called a multidimensional Stargate, which helps us to bring Spirit into Matter, to manifest Heaven on Earth, and to balance Masculine and Feminine.

In keeping with its multidimensional nature, the Star of David is also known as a Grand Sextile and a Star Tetrahedron – intricate and lovely sacred geometry celestial configurations. The energies of these ancient symbols will be pouring down on us now."  (Carol Ann Ciocco.)

Let's welcome the grounding this wonderful moment provides to the powerful emotional cleansing we have all been through lately. I take it as a sign of hope.

All is well. All manner of things will be well.

Blessings on us all.

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