Monday, 1 July 2013

Signs of the Times

We are currently being inundated with the element of water, water, everywhere, as a Grand Trine in Water signs creates a powerful flow of energy between:

Sun/Jupiter in Cancer
Neptune in Pisces
Saturn in Scorpio.

We also have Mars about to enter Cancer and the Moon's North Node is in Scorpio.

That’s a lot of water folks!

(my city has just survived severe flooding, so this topic feels very close to home in a very visceral way!!)

To add a touch of fire, today’s Moon in Aries  triggers off the Pluto/Uranus square (do we ever get a break from this!!?) and the abundance of emotional energy is  big, self centered, reactive, rebellious.  Also transforming, freeing. Fire plus water = 

At this three-quarter Moon, we move into the completion stage of the cycle started at the New Moon/eclipse in Gemini three weeks ago. That was all about changing our reality by shifting the  dominant  paradigm (way of thinking, core belief system) The eclipse aided us in  stepping out of our old inherited thought patterns, letting the past go, and opening up to the bigger picture (Sagittarius opposite)

Powerful forces  of change and transformation are now focused on our feeling nature, and  Sun and Jupiter bring expansion and enthusiasm to our emotional processes.

Venus, recently shifted into in Leo, wants us to celebrate  who we are.

If you are feeling more emotional than usual, craving some attention, or needing to be mothered… that may be because the sign of Cancer is where these elements thrive.

We also see, Mercury, planet of communication and thought processes, moving backward (retrograde) through Cancer, urging us to reflect on our emotions, and sink into our more internal processes. Old memories may be surfacing… home and hearth pulls stronger as threads from our childhood trigger the need to connect to our roots.

This Mercury Retrograde urges us to rethink, redo, reflect, reminisce, review… all with the purpose of clearing out emotional baggage we no longer need or want.

The backward passage of Mercury over next three weeks gives us an opportunity to recharge emotionally. Spending time near water meets an instinctive need right now as it's cooling depths sooth our souls. Take your socks off; put your feet in. 

I’ll add the usual warning that Mercury retrogrades also can create havoc with our systems of communication, as emails computers, phones etc do a little crazy dance… all in aid of getting us to let go a little. These hassles are always annoying but usually not too serious (hopefully).

As I have often said, the impact of transiting planets (in current sky) depends on their significance or strength in your own birth chart, as well as what personal planets they are crossing over etc. People with key planets in the early degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries for instance, may be more strongly impacted by the current astrology.

There are so many factors now urging us all to process a bit more deeply than usual, helping us shift and redirect stuck emotions where they are caught up in blockages, fears or negativity. For many of us with suppressed or buried emotions (anyone not in that category?) there is bound to be some intensity or resistance to these inward-pulling energies.  I can hazard a guess that some of you would rather drink arsenic than peek under your emotional floorboards.

The Grand Trine will help the cleansing happen gently, with ease and grace. Introspection can be incredibly rich and rewarding right now… allowing time to rejoice in those AHA! moments as we clear away the emotional clutter to discover our true essence.

“This above all:
To thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man (or woman).”
                 Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82

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