Monday, 8 July 2013

New Moon in Cancer: Time to come Home

Today's New Moon in Cancer marks the beginning of a new emotional cycle that is part of the larger (year) cycle of  deep healing and inner transformation that we are in. A cycle within a cycle; circles within circles...

This New Moon marks a turning point, a watershed moment. Maybe we will finally realize that we really are powerful feeling beings and we do have the power to create our own reality. And perhaps now we will be able to embrace our emotional reality as much as we do our logic.

I am writing this very late at night,  after a busy weekend with out of town visitors and much social activity, and my eyes are blurry, my brain half asleep. I am sure tomorrow I will discover tons of typos and strange syntaxes. Please bear with me… I will return and edit it when I am able, but I wanted to get something on here in time for the New Moon. (I am editing now lol)

Jupiter (expansion) crossing my Venus (connectedness) in Gemini has amplified not only my brain activity to frenetic levels, my social activity has amped up hugely in the last few weeks. This has meant my somewhat hermit existence has been blasted wide open and spare time (when I work on this) has become harder to  find. Letting go of expectations (Jupiter)  and accepting limits (Saturn) is my lesson right now. With Saturn in the 1st house of self, I have always tended to push myself a bit too hard, and its part of the current Saturn retrograde to face and change old patterns. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, as we all make the transition to soft watery Cancer., it can be a bit disorienting to go from such expansive, airy flights of fancy  to deep sea diving,  and there may be moments  when we feel dizzy, and seem to be floundering, fearing we are in over our head. Thats a natural response to so much emotion being unleashed. Take the time to stop. Breath. Focus. Ground.     


These are powerful times and the best we all can do is stay true to ourselves as these rather wild and untamable energies to do their crazy dance. May as well dance with em....

The New Moon Monday (today) joins the group hanging out in the realm of feelings / home / mother / emotional security. With so many planets linking up in the watery sign of Cancer, the dance has now morphed from mental gymnastics to synchronized swimming. 

As I said last week, this sign represents our mother, and our need for mothering. It's where we need/want cuddles and confirmation that we are safe and secure and loved unconditionally. We may feel extra sensitive, touchy, moody, teary. Though Cancer crab has a tough outer shell, inside she is total mush, and her vulnerabilities cannot be denied.  Nor her power!

We all started our life floating in the watery womb and in fact we are mostly made of water. There is a powerful inner prompting now... something/someone is calling us home. 

"The sea is the favorite symbol for the Unconscious, the mother of all that lives… (Our) task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the Unconscious."

 Carl Jung 

Yet without an anchor, (or at least a boat) this excess water can overwhelm us, causing us to feel adrift in a very large sea. 

Saturn’s connection to the New Moon will aid grounding, containing,  integrating this process. That doesn’t mean we should try to stop the flow. Indeed we couldn’t if we tried.

 Saturn can slow things down though. It just paused over the weekend to turn around to resume direct motion, and some may have felt  a temporary damming effect ( hmmm damning  effect?) If you  felt stymied or blocked or like you have been holding your breath… this will start to shift forward now. 

While you are waiting for that to happen,  allow the pause, the in-breath, but don’t try to suppress anything. When you damn a waterfall or a fast moving river… you better know what you are doing and have valves and stuff to let it out properly, or it will overflow...  and then it can’t be stopped.

There has recently been incredible flooding in my city (which is quite unusual) and one of the issues was this exact one … the water had to go somewhere and it took the path of least resistance… flowing into places no one expected it to go (like into the city core, or businesses as well as peoples homes).

If you are emotionally flooding, or overflowing, Saturn can help stabilize you.  Let it help you create a channel for the river to flow through (clear boundaries, safe surroundings, firm footing), or build a bridge across the depths.  Main thing: let the river flow.   Move with it.   Dance! Sing! Drum Play!  Move!  


Mercury’s  current backward tap dance through the watery realms has encouraged us to  hone our introspection skills as it take us deep into memories, dreams, and imaginings. There are treasured held within the watery depths, parts of us we have left behind.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio has been getting us to look at what lies buried there, and it has often been be hard work (though not without reward). All that soul searching you have undergone recently will bear fruit in the future. We are rebuilding our emotional and psychic foundations, this time with strength and fortitude rather than fear and denial.  

Once we know where our blocks and fears lie, we can use that emotional intelligence to get us through other difficult times.  We don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over or rehash the same relationship issues (like old family patterns and traumas).

For you Astrology buffs: The aspect (shown in the image above) called a ‘kite’  is a powerful configuration with Pluto (the transformer)  at the bottom tip, sitting in opposition to everything in Cancer  at the top. See the many blue lines making up not one, but 'five' triangles? This is the Grand Trine energy and this is powerful transformational stuff. 

 The  meeting of Sun/Moon in so much water, added to this this powerful signature with Pluto (the transformer) is pure alchemy! It is also profoundly non linear.

My advice: Try and let go of your left brain control for now and see if you can feel your way through. If there ever was a time to get in touch with the power of your inner self, this is it. 

The tide is turning, and the rain will wash everything clean.

The New Moon in Cancer is also the time to set our intention. Invite in emotional clearing, healing and nurturing. Let go of the past and move gently into a brighter future. It's time to come home.

The good news: Our true home is within us, so wherever we go … there we are!  

Welcome home …  to your own self!

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

Sophias Song: Ode to the Goddess

p.s. see tab above last weeks post for 'house meanings'. Where the New moon falls in your own chart will show you where you could experience some kind of emotional watershed. (go to for chart)


  1. Exactly how I was feeling last week, stuck, stymied, unable to move or direct my attention to anything I was working on. then Sat morning, wham,, woke up with huge need to dance, move, get outside, so went swimming in the lake for first time this summer, and hiked along the road. Thank goodness I wrote what I was thinking in a journal instead of spouting it, all the imploding went on quietly. I think my journal saved me from starting useless arguments.....this too shall pass as the saying goes. thanks for shining a light on the water

  2. Sounds like the dance has begun (yet again)! All these stops and starts this past year or so... kind of 'two steps forward, one step back' ... especially for people with early Scorpio. Now as Saturn retraces its steps through the undergrowth, a bit of a path will have been cleared, and we will get to integrate what we have been learning. Are we having fun yet?!!

  3. Sounds like the dance has begun (yet again)! All these stops and starts this past year or so... kind of 'two steps forward, one step back' ... especially for people with early Scorpio. Now as Saturn retraces its steps through the undergrowth, a bit of a path will have been cleared, and we will get to integrate what we have been learning. Are we having fun yet?!!