Saturday, 20 July 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius Merecury Direct Detach from the Drama

I am vacationing on an island on the west coast of Canada where my son lives. It is very remote and he does not have wifi so I have had limited internet access. Perfect as its been Mercury retrograde!!
I am now sitting on a log at the beach on the south end of the island where the single is strong from across the water (comes from small city there).

I have hooked up to my phone hot spot but my battery is low so this is gonna be brief!!           
          Perfect imagery for the current astrology…wind (air) Sun(fire) and Water.

Everything I have written for the last month or so about emotional intensity is now coming to a head with Mercury turning direct on Saturday (in water sign Cancer) just days before the Full Moon in Aquarius(air) on Monday. The latter occurs just a couple of hours after the Sun changes signs into fire sign Leo.  That’s a lot of change happening in the midst of powerful emotional clearing.

Cancer/Water = emotion, feeling, memories, dreams, nurturing
Air /Aquarius = detachment, equality, and intellect, the collective
Leo/ Fire = inspiration, passion, play 

As Mercury slows down considerably to go direct, it deepens and amplifies the emotional issues stirred up by its backward motion in the sign of the mother. (who doesn’t have mother issues?)

         Mercury's retrograde journey through Cancer may have triggered memories and issues from the past, activating unresolved fears  around our emotional stability and security. Most of us keep our root self well hidden under layers of denial or busy outward activity. When our ego defenses are threatened, we become even more defensive and self-protective than usual.  Most people do not like to feel emotionally exposed. The current flooding has washed away layers of defenses for those closely aspected by the planets involved, making some people more reactive and touchy than usual as old hurts and traumas become ripe for release. 

Chiron in Pisces brings a real possibility of deep healing around  vulnerabilities and unresolved issues being stirred up from the past. Old hurts, angers, disappointment, etc can become doorways to new beginnings.
Enormous energy has being activated by Jupiter (expansion) and Mars (aggression, desire) together in Cancer (emotional patterns) opposite Pluto in Capricorn. (power and control, authority issues). 

 Jupiter exaggerates the heated, confrontational energy of Pluto/Mars, adding friction to an already touchy atmosphere.  This over the top energy combined with the last bit of a highly emotional Grand Trine in Water, means some of us may be feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. Self-care is especially important right now; go slow and stay in touch with your feelings. If you feel triggered by someone or something, try not reacting to them as emotional stand-offs and push-pull dynamics bring personal issues  to a peak.

The Aquarius Full Moon helps us step back and see things objectively. Being in observer mode is a helpful tool with so much reactive energy about. If you observe yourself reacting, see the other person as well… without necessarily stepping into the fray.
It’s a zen moment.

We all want and need to feel accepted and loved and behind most bad behaviour are unresolved issues and unmet needs. The heated, confrontational energy of Pluto/Mars adds friction to an already touchy atmosphere. And we all experience through the filters of emotion and conditioning laid down throughout our life. So much of the astrology lately is about letting go of the past, becoming more conscious of how our conditioned mind triggers our responses, and choosing higher ground.

The HOPONOPONO prayer is very fitting for this time of healing. You can say it to yourself or to someone you feel has wronged you:

"I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you."

As the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio have brought us  deep into our shadow self... showing us where we are hardest on ourselves and revealing the parts we have denied and supressed (read the Saturn in Scorpio tab a few posts back) We need to remember (or learn how)  to love and forgive both ourselves and others. Saying the Hoponopono  over and over can have profound effects. 

We are all here to learn how to be human. Everything in the sky right now is there to further that unfolding process. Sun in leo wants us to shine. Water wants us to feel. Full Moon in Aquarius wants us to connect to each other. That canonly happen when we are at peace with ourseves.

Accept. Allow. Appreciate.

All will be well.Alll is well.

(p.s. I have written more but this is all I can download right now. Section two will be finally getting to personal chart stuff. I'ts already written... just need to get another moment... like this : )

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