Friday, 7 June 2013

New Moon in Gemini: Part One

I am trying something new this week, and wouldn’t you know it I got sidetracked today by a storm warning…had to rush around covering all the new little shoots in my sweet little garden so the possible hail won’t crush them all. Then, thinking I had all evening to finish, an invite to dinner.   Already the surprise aspects of the New Moon are manifesting (and it is just a couple degrees from my Venus so I am in line for all of it!! Fun!)

So I am going to divide things up in two. The first half will be a brief synopsis of tomorrows (Saturday) New Moon in Gemini. The second half will be an examination of some personal charts in connection to the current astrology. Many people have provided their birth info so I have a variety of choices (again, perfect Gemini occurrence). If you have sent me your info, please be patient, as I have never done this before. It may take a few weeks to iron out the wrinkles…

To begin: This weekend is dominated by Saturday’s New Moon in Gemini. Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, squares Uranus (the Awakener) so we can expect some surprises, some unexpected conversations or   sudden changes in our understanding (Mercury. This New Moon energy poses a great opportunity for communication breakthroughs; you can rest assured, people will be taking to each other.

And even though Gemini can sometimes be accused of being a bit scattered and superficial, or even two faced (duality, twins), the opposition between Mercury and Pluto brings intensity, depth and meaning to our.  Perhaps a truth will out; something long held back might finally be spoken. Pluto is not always comfortable so some of what gets said could make us squirm a little.

Added to that, the square between Mars and Neptune could activate some fairly dodgy energy. Mars (action, desire) in Gemini is not at its best (pulled in two directions) and Neptune can blur and confuse things in all sorts of unexpected ways. Our intentions and actions (Mars) could become rather strange and twisted, or miscontrued, and misundertood. If you have Mars in Gemini, you may thrive on the bizarre kind of mind games that can be played under this influence. The rest of us might not like it so much.

So, a warning here to be very cautious around promises made, agreements signed etc. Read the small print (twice!) Conversations may start in one direction and end up going completely sideways …expect the unexpected.

Don’t worry, there will still be a lot of upbeat, friendly vibes  making the rounds… just make sure you listen careful and don’t take anything as gospel truth.

A New moon is the conjunction of Sun(masc./yang) and Moon (fem, yin) Their joining up in Gemini brings the birth of new ideas ,new ways of thinking and better ways of communicating (Neptune aside).

Jupiter’s powerful presence here (conjunct the Moon) means a great expansion of options and possibilities, increasing our enthusiasm, curiousity, and open mindedness. New vistas are opening up now for many. This is an excellent time for learning new stuff, or for interacting with neighbours, friends, social networking etc.

So enjoy the light breezy atmosphere of a Gemini Moon, and tomorrow we will examine the deeper stuff going on in the background. (and forgive my typos… this was a speed writing test if ever there was one. Again…Gemini energy at its best!!)

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