Saturday, 1 June 2013

Moving right along

Time for something a bit different.

 I have been wanting to switch the focus here for a while now...  to get back to my own interest in personal astrology/psychology. As next week (June 8th) is a New Moon in Gemini (new cycle/ writing, communication)... I think I will wait till then to start. My plan is to use aspects in people's charts re to demonstrate  current Astrology. I will start with my own Saturn return which is coming up to discuss the current retrograde of Saturn through Scorpio (digging deep, facing the shadow)(yeah great fun).

If you want me to use your info, write to me with the time, day and place of birth. (even if you have no birth time there will still be something we could look at.  I will probably focus on a particular aspect that lines up with what's going on currently (with your permission, and of course names will be omitted). These will not be complete readings (sorry but thats where I am trying to make a living)... Do write  if you want to participate... should be an excellent learning experience for us all.

Meanwhile, as we are in the last week of a waning Moon, I thought I'd add a quick review of the last very intense month.

If you have felt a bit anxious, sad, depressed, shaken up, or even delighted, awakened, changed in some deep way, I would guess that you are being worked on by the current galactic atmosphere that is shaking and waking us up BIG TIME!

For instance, we just had three powerful eclipses in a row.

Eclipses bring about changes, deaths, sudden shifts. They ripple out for a few weeks or months depending on their strength. This last one for instance was of minor strength but powerful due to aspects to other planets... so a powerful punch lasting a short while.

The first two eclipses were between Taurus/Scorpio... and as both these signs a very survival oriented, the eclipses may have triggered anxiety, fear, relationship issues, breakups etc. Or they could have brought to the fore just what you do have that feeds or nurtures you (Taurus) and that you want to share with others (Scorpio).

The last one was last Fri/Sat  in Sagittarius/Gemini,  affecting our belief systems.  So more of a mental clear out. (of course depends on where in chart). We do get very attached to our way of thinking...!

All of the above have been about release of old stuff to make way for new energies coming in. Can be scary and threatening to the old brain patterns (fear, survival, negative thinking).

On top of that, on Monday May 20th we had the third of the Uranus Pluto squares...(wake up/shake up)(similar energy to the sixites but more powerful)... and that energy is still rippling out into the environment. Have you noticed the constant stream of revolution, uprisings, protests etc going on around the world?  Big time pressure/shifts/breaking free type of energy. Depending on where they land in a person's chart, it can be very very intense and challenging. So lots of planetary  upheaval, feeling turned upside down  etc. On a physical level we've seen an increase in earthquakes, tornados etc)

Relationships are also under ongoing pressure; one's that need clearing or ending are going through a major pruning process. This is about solidifying what is working and clearing away what is not!

My own chart has been strongly aspected by all three eclipses and I have been (at moments)  struggling with depression, anxiety, tension...  seemingly out of the blue. Well, not really that out of the blue; just brought to a head by these eclipses. Saturn that is the culprit, moving backward in my 12th house(deep unconscious)... (More on that next week).

On the bright side, this last Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius had a positive clearing effect, bringing in the new energy accompanied by a broader perspective (see last post: Translucidity))

Oh one more thing: I have been told that a few weeks ago there occured big time solar flares, which apparently sent very high frequency solar waves, affecting us on many levels.

Is that enough?!!

And BTW: This is the  Year of the Snake: so overall it is a time for emotional clearing/healing/transformation. Seems we all may be shedding a skin or two!! Right now we are about to enter a powerful Grand Trine in Water... so everything that has been shaken up can be washed clean.

Right now, Gemini is continuing to amplify our urge to communicate and connect to each other, and planets starting to move into Cancer will bring our our emotional sensitivities and need for love and nurturing.

A lot of the last year or so has been about the relationship self and other right now... who am I and who are you and how do we relate to each other?  That starts with self-awareness, self-acceptance, self love, self nurturing.
This weekends Moon in Pisces brings out our  compassion (for self and other).

Do as you would be done by.

Best advice?  Nurture yourself. Start at home.  Plant your own garden, and when your flowers bloom, others will be drawn to them/you! And if not, they are there for you to enjoy.  (plus you make the world a more beautiful place)


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  1. as I am doing a retreat on the solstice June 21, would love to hear any pertinent points about Saturn Return, Year of the Snake, and any offerings that would help my participants grow on that auspicious day....Nurturing our inner garden. xxx thanks