Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New Moon Eclipse in Taurus 'Whoa Nellie'

"By expressing the 'want' while also letting go of “wanting” everything becomes possible, all possibilities are open, one possibility leading to another, and another, and another... "       Canto Dindi

Sun, Mars, Mercury and Moon all together in Taurus are amping up our needs and desires and increasing our drive to get them met. 

Saturn opposite says 'whoa Nellie'... 'slow down and take your time. Examine your motives. Can you trust in the universe and know that whatever happens, all will be well? '

Thursdays New Moon Eclipse pushes us to face these issues as it triggers the  release of the old so the new can manifest. (sound familiar? Notice we are having a lot of these in these powerful changing times?) 

Despite survival fears that may lurk in the background, this is a positive eclipse full of promise and rich reward. Abundance and healing are in the air.

Taurus is a rich earth mother. She wants to nourish us. Mars is desire and aggressive action. He wants to act.  Sun is the flame of self. It wants to shine.  Mercury is our thought process. It wants clarity.  Moon is our intuitive side, it wants to be heard.

If we ground our actions, thoughts, feelings and align with our deepest self (and not just our impatient ego self) we will find that everything we focus on now comes to fruition in its perfect time.

Moon and Sun together in Taurus create physical alchemy.  New Moon is seed time.

Taurus the Bull (masc) is plowing the field with patience, persistence, perseverance.

Taurus the Great mother (fem) is opening her arms in a warm abundant embrace.

 This past weekend,  Beltane marked the ancient Celtic spring festival where fires were lit to  draw down the Sun to warm the earth and  thaw it from winter cold. Men and women leaped over the fire and went off to couple in the bushes to  bring fertility to the earth. Men and women, boys and girls, wearing wreaths of  beautiful spring flowers,  danced around the Maypole (phallic symbol) combining and interweaving the colourful  ribbons into a pattern of beauty.   What a wonderful way to celebrate the combining of  creative energies that arises in spring. 

This is a rich time of the year in the Northern hemisphere as everything starts to burst into life (and its been long time coming this year).

As well as New Moon, which signifies the next cycle, the Eclipse brings an even stronger mandate to make a break from the past. This eclipse sits exactly on the south node of the Moon, representing our karmic inheritance. What have you to release? What are you holding onto? What would you like to create?

Taurus can be stubborn and possessive  and  Saturn in Scorpio can be obsessive/compulsive. Saturn sitting opposite this New Moon will make us look at what we are holding onto and ask us to face our deepest fears around getting our own needs met.  Earthy Taurus brings the focus to the physical plane and a reflection on ownership. Can we really own another? Are things really that important? What is it we truly want? Desire? Need?

How do we nurture ourself?

Time for something completely different?  Time for new ways of relating.

Rejoice. Enjoy. Celebrate. 

"In the end
these things matter most:

How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?”


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