Friday, 24 May 2013

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius: TRANSLUCIDITY!

'Translucidty!'   (seeing the bigger picture)

The new word I just learned that totally relates to tonight's Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius:

The Sabian symbol for 5 degrees Sagittarius is  "An old owl up in a tree.” which is interpreted as
"a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.”

This is about rising above our pains and sorrow (our dramas) to gain a more expanded view. Understanding often comes once we step back and detach (not always easy).

Owl medicine is about being an observer. And when we do step out of our habitual, unconscious  patterns ... we can see for miles  (and miles and miles) beyond the lies and stories our smaller mind tells us:   The Who:  'I Can See for Miles'

This Full Moon Eclipse will help us gain that larger vision, while simultaneously  triggering the  release of our old limiting beliefs (HURRAY!) that may be a big part of our myopia (limited vision).

 It is usually incorrect assumptions and FEAR: 
that causes our suffering in the first place. 

So let this Sagittarius Moon open your eyes to see something completely different!!

This is what Sagittarius is all about. Joy!  Expansion!  Seeking the highest good, the highest truth. Its ruler, Jupiter, is the largest planet in our solar system, and represents our larger, truest self. 

Be yourself. Know who you are! 

Rise above! 



p.s. one slight warning:  in the midst of celebrations, be careful of the blurring effects of the Moon's square to Neptune. Illusions and delusions can overtake us. Avoid intoxicants (who needs them? ... Life is the intoxicant we need!)  or  (if you insist)  use them in safe settings (i.e. don't drink and drive)  and try to be aware of the misty fog rolling through the hills right behind that glorious Full Moon. 

Strange occurrences happen in these Neptunian mists, and if you add an eclipse into the mix, time can blur, our mind can wander, 
 things (and people) can go missing! (this eclipse is close to my own Moon,and I have already lost my phone and an I Pad!!)  

We can use this dreamy energy to tap into the inner realms, open up our creativity, access our dreams etc... Just and beware its effect on so called concrete reality)

Take care and have fun!! 

Happy Full Moon!!


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