Sunday, 12 May 2013


Todays Moon in friendly Gemini meets Jupiter to bring us all some much needed respite from the continuous intensity and change of our tumultuous times. It's a lighter note after two pretty powerful eclipses which are still reverberating out into the cosmic atmosphere. Venus is also now in Gemini making us more social  and chatty.

Jupiter in Gemini expands our thinking and communication and with the added emotional input from the Moon its party time. Jupiter equals joy and expansion... so enJOY!

Or time for a good ol' chat with yer mom.

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!

I am a mom x three and also a grand mom x three and today I get to see my new granddaughter and hang out with her for a while.

Being a mom has been the most blessed and humbling  journey. It's been the making of me. I was a mother at eighteen and I really did not have a clue. Hmmmmm .... still don't! Except I do know we all need love and acceptance and thats the best thing we can give to ourselves and each other and definitely to our children.

My own mom had eight of us and it was all a bit much for her I think. She had her troubles yet I know she did a lot and did the best she could. I also know sometimes she feels guilty for lots of stuff,  yet I forgave her a long time ago, and now appreciate how much she supports me in the ways she can.
So bless you mom!

And I also salute my three children who taught me how to be a mom... and helped me grow myself up as well... have grown into strong, beautiful human beings.  You're the best!

I hope this day of celebrating our mothers extends to self mothering self nurturing and recognizing the blessing in our lives. Blessed be!

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