Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rock n Roll, Blossom and Grow!

 The leaves are finally out on the trees here and the first flowers are blooming. It’s always a late spring in these Northern climes where I live, and this year especially so. I am feeling cheered by the tulips blooming outside and there is a scent of blossoms in the air. Whew! So wonderful to appreciate the change of seasons and witness the cycles of time (even if I do get a little impatient at moments).

I just listened to an inspiring talk that really reminded me of the current astrology (as well as the time of year) 

The speaker was talking about flowers and how they are valued in cultures all over the world. We give them to someone to say I love you, like the beautiful tulips I got for Mothers Day, and we  also give them to say I’m sorry or to cheer people up when they are ill. We will also fill a hall with them at their funeral when they pass. People scatter rose petals and carry bouquets when they marry, and flowers are also used in ceremony or as a welcome (as in the leis of welcome in Hawaii), and in India one honours a teacher with garlands. Flowers indeed speak a universal language.

He then said...  the beauty of a flower is nothing compared to the magnificence, beauty and wonder of a human being.

Let that sink in for a bit. Nothing in comparison!

So the question is, do we really understand our true value?

The recent groupings in Taurus were all about this topic (see last post). This group of planets has been moving closely together since early in the year. When they hung out in Pisces it triggered a deep longing for our source, and externals matters were less important than finding a connection and expression for the  creativity inside of us.

Moving into Aries,  first sign of the zodiac, these same planets sparked renewed activity and at the New Moon in Aries we sowed our seeds of intension for the whole year. The Mars energy was pretty intense  in Aries (its home sign); impatience and sometimes aggression ruled the day.

Then on into Taurus, sign of the great Mother, who grounds us and nourishes our physical body. Here we bumped into our needs and desires, and Saturn opposite challenged us to choose wisely. The seeds  planted into this earthing energy (literally or figuratively)  are/were held and grounded in preparation for later blooming.

Now the party is shifting to Gemini, and there is a quickening. The seeds are sprouting and reaching out from the earth into the air.

Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, bringing us an inclination to talk and socialize and gather information. We are more aware of each other under this sign as we reach out to our neighbours and friends.  Venus and Jupiter in Gemini expand that urge to connect with others, and Sun and Mercury will soon follow.

Venus crossing over the point where last year it eclipsed the Sun reminds us to love ourself and one another, while an aspect to Neptune brings deep longings for love and beauty. Many a romantic poem has been written under this aspect. 

Just be careful of the equal potential for illusions and deceptions. Love and inspiration can thrive as long as we keep our feet on the ground.

I am thinking of the story of the flowers as I write about this  transition from Taurus to Gemini and enjoying the blooming going on outside (and inside). Planning my little garden has heightened my awareness of the quickly changing seasons which start at Aries and how the Spring Equinox is a the time of seeds. 

On Valentines Day my boyfriend and I gave each other cards with seeds attached (isn’t that sweet!)  and on Beltane, which is also our 1st anniversary,  we planted them together.

Little shoots are now peeking up out of the soil… its so exciting to see them sprout and grow. Life truly is an incredible miracle. 

And, as part of growth, there are also times for pruning. This Monday Uranus and Pluto will again shake us a little as they push us and pull us to get real and get with the program. Jonathan Cainer (.com) describes how these planets together  “ ring the bells of awakening”.

I have written a fair bit about the shake down and break down signified by these two heavy hitters crashing up against each other. Squares release energy at critical turning points, and the pressure has to find somewhere to go. Several earthquakes have occurred over the last week and I am sure some will experience their own inner earthquakes and challenging events (if these energies are closely aspecting your chart that is). 

The rest of us will feel the pressure to transform at varying levels. All of us are in this by the way.

I don't want to go on yet again about all the dire consequences of this powerful tension erupting … I am starting to feel a bit like chicken little saying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”.

It is not falling, but it is changing. The skies ( and the planets) are always in flux and at this time we are to take nothing for granted.   The cycles of nature remind us that we are always either beginning, maintaining or ending something. 
(GOD = Generator, Operator, Destroyer)   
Right now it seems we are in the ending/beginning stage.

In that vein, next week, on May 24th, we also have the third eclipse of the year. This Lunar Eclipse  in early Sagittarius (5 degrees) means yet again we will be shedding some part of us that we no longer want or need. In the Sagittarius/Gemini axis, it means shedding more of our self-limiting concepts and ideas… and stepping into a larger world view (Sagittarius) as we tap into the Higher Mind.

The Moon in Sagittarius says cheer up. Don’t be sad. Know who you are and celebrate that.

Sagittarius is the seeker and is about knowing who we are. He beckons us to know our purpose. And from all I can gather, our purpose is to be happy!  (like the flowers!)

Back to those flowers: I wonder if  flowers are conscious of all the joy they bring? On a pragmatic level, their blooms and wonderful scent are there to attract insects that will propagate them. Is their sole purpose to just continue themselves?    How about us?  Is it all about survival or is there something more to it all? 

(These are the questions Sagittarius wants us to ask)

And if we so honour flowers and appreciate their beauty ...  how can we do the same for ourselves and for each other?

Plant your seeds of self in the ground of self-knowing
Water that ground with love and nourishment
Tend yourself with care and encouragement
Welcome your own heart as it blossoms and grows
Greet and embrace your brother, your sister, your neighbour
Expand out into this glorious wonderful world
And  celebrate!


  1. I am so looking forward to this lunar eclipse in my first house Sagittarius where my natal Venus lives but at 8 degrees. I have been working very hard to get rid of certain aspects of the old me which wasn't very true to the real me. Isee some signs but there's more work to be done.

  2. The eclipse will be very close to your Venus, so I would guess there will be something significant released. Sometimes an eclipse ripples out for months afterward... so it doesn't always happen all at once. Good luck!

  3. great information , Actually my zodiac signs is Aries and this is the first sign of the zodiac, these same planets sparked renewed activity . The Mars energy was pretty intense in Aries impatience and sometimes aggression ruled the day.

  4. Astrology believes that stars and planets effect life of people.Thanks for sharing such useful information.My zodiac sign is Venus and it is useful and great that Neptune will bring a lot of love in my life.Thanks and keep on sharing such useful information.

  5. venus sign is for love and the Sun reminds us to love ourself and one another, while an aspect to Neptune brings deep longings for love and beauty. Astrology depends on star`s calculations and you can get information about future life through astrology .