Monday, 11 March 2013

Pisces New Moon: Inner Transformation

Today is the New Moon in Pisces. One last big blast of this wonderful, graceful, magical fluidity before we begin to shift toward fiery Aries and the Spring Equinox…

As you probably know by now, a New Moon is a seedtime, it carries energy forward, so the vision and intention you set now will reverberate out into your life for weeks to come. We can take the  fluid sense of possibility and imagination that is floating around us right now and dream it forward. Those of you with Sun, Moon or Ascendant, or other strong Pisces/Neptune  placements … so many planets in your sign are helping you make your dreams real. This is your time.

 All Pisces are being energized, enlivened, inspired. This is a chance to find your place in the world; to bring your special magic to planet earth. We need dreamers, artists, healers, poets. Without you the world is a dry , dry place. 

The current backward motion of Mercury in Pisces increases the introspective element,  bringing  us into contact with our inner reflection as we follow the an urge to turn within.  Missing information often arises during a retrograde, especially as  Mercury turns direct. 

In this case that information may be more like access to deep spiritual feelings and longing that have been buried till now.  Memories of past lives could turn up, and creative flashes normally hard to grab will feel more tangible.  Nightmares are also part of the watery depths; monsters lurk in the shadows and its easy to get lost here. 

Saturn's positive presence  provides us with some solidity and form ... a boat perhaps to sail these inner seas. Find your inner compass (and support if you need it) all will be well.

Mercury will turn direct again on March 17th and slowly, slowly, as it retraces it steps back through Pisces, the veils will again return to our eyes as we focus once more on more on the outer world of mundane tasks and activities.

Mars, planet of action, is about to leave the watery realm and enter his own sign of Aries, happy to shake off the wet blanket that (it feels) has been holding it back. Mars is our outgoing, fiery energy that we use to move forward to achieve our desires. It doesn’t feel as powerful in water, and tends to go all passive aggressive when it can’t find  clear, direct expression. A watery Mars brings out our compassion and caring for others, and can be a saviour or a martyr in this sign.

Once in its own sign of Aries, the warrior planet gets back it self-centered drive. Things will quickly accelerate as it then bumps into Uranus, blasting things forward at mock speed. This is dynamic, exciting energy, matched with the  extraordinary vision of Uranus, will bring new impetus and oomph as we enter the new astrological cycle of the Spring Equinox. 

Till then, we have a week or so left to bask just a bit longer in the luxurious, dreamy glow of Pisces. The intuitive, creative floodgates are open wide right now… let your boat sail through. Colours, sounds, vibrations that move deep within us are waiting to be tapped for expression. Allow your imagination to lead you. Saturn and Pluto help  give our creativity power, form and expression. Venus and Neptune fill us with inspiration and love. This is love that transcends, that redeems, that blesses.

Feel it, breath it, dive deep into it. There is kindness, beauty and compassion here. There is grace.

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