Sunday, 24 March 2013

Approaching the Full Moon

As we approach Wednesday's Full Moon in Libra, there is a testiness in the air. This Full Moon is exactly opposite the warrior planet Mars, which has just recently moved into its home sign of Aries, amplifying its natural feistiness and bringing in some much needed fire to a recently very watery atmosphere. Many people are feeling woken up, stirred as Mars prompts us to 'get 'er done'!!

Mars  also just crossed over Uranus the awakener, and the resulting lightning bolt squared with  Pluto  (the destroyer)  gave many this  last week a major  jump start. There is more to come. This combo is /was quite intense and even potentially violent. Accidents and flare ups were happening all around me last week with this  impatient, explosive energy. The tension  is building again now, and will release in some powerful ways as the Full Moon peaks on Wednesday. We may see an increase of violent crime in the news.

 So please take your time, go slow, stay present and focused.

Luckily, we have some help. As Mercury makes its way back through the PIsces, watery sign of the soul, it activates  our compassion and intuition, which will be useful here as a preventative measure. This remaining  Pisces influence reminds us to Trust, Accept. Allow. All in good time.

Also, as it retraces its steps, Mercury, has us going over stuff that got all mixed up and confused in the recent retrograde. Lost information may come to the fore, or  in the case of Pisces, lost dreams.   This will  make us more sensitive to the atmosphere... so be aware of a hyper sensitivity and trigger reactions.

The combination of Fire (Aries) and water (Pisces)  is steam (power) or a Rainbow (peace, reconciliation, creativity) Together they create a feeling of urgency and impatience to get that dream into manifestation.

All we have to do is apply some common sense (Saturn) while we let our enthusiasm (Jupiter) move us into positive action. Chiron adds a little vulnerability... what if it never happens?  What if I cant do it?  Doubts may arise as the internal pressure builds.

Pisces  says have faith.  Use positive affirmations to help reinforce your belief in yourself.
I can do this!! I am worthy!!

We are all sensitive to these energies in different ways.  A friend of mine witnessed several major blowouts this week at work and was a bit shaken. A sensitive Pissces, he tends to absorb what's going on around hi. Its easy to take things too personally.

 I was explaining to him the tense astrology behind some of it. I told him that planetary energy hovers in the air (like the electrical charge that builds up in a storm) and then some people becomes the lightning rods. The charge has to discharge somewhere... and those with energies lining up with the tense aspects are the most likely to be conduits.

So in this case,  anyone with aspects in their personal charts that happen to be close to the same spot as Mars (12 degrees Aries) or Uranus (8 degrees Aries) or  Pluto (11 degrees Capricorn) ... or in similar degrees in signs that link to Aries or Capricorn (especially opposite or square...  so Libra, and Cancer for example) can become the lightning rod.  This  wake up shake up energy is the symbol of these times of powerful change and transformation, and none of us are exempt. Its time to let go of old patterns of behaviour and  start to vision a new way of doing things (Uranus in Aries).   Yet when push comes to shove, our old habitual responses tend to be activated (thats what Full Moons are for!!lol)

This Wednesday's Full Moon in Libra will set off the Mars, Uranus, Pluto tension...(aggression, revolution, rebellion, stand offs, etc) which again will activate  the confrontational and potential explosive dynamics we have seen dominate personal dynamics as well as global scene.  Full Moon manifest on the emotional plane, plus, because  the Sun (masculine, ego, yang) and Moon (feminine, feeling, yin) oppose each other, the tensions are also likely to show up in our relationships (personal,work, family).

Venus and Sun together with Uranus in fiery Aries can activate a need for freedom and a rebellion against the control, authority, etc of systems symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn.

So after a month of good sweet loving vibes from so many planets in Pisces, things are heating up and the first signs of Spring are in the air. Just be aware that this powerful Full Moon may amplify  our impatience, our egos, our hurt feelings etc.

Those who  become the lightning rods can use this energy  to step forward and take the initiative or provide leadership. And if, despite our best efforts, we blow up or act out more aggressively than we intended... just know that this too shall pass.  This is all excellent for those who normally hold back or avoid speaking up as long as you take care not to blow people out of the water...(those still floating in their Pisces dream lol) 

 Libra always seeks balance and will find a way to redress issues and seek fairness...

.... if you give her a chance.

Be aware and take extra care...

p.s. I  am learning (ever so slowly) that foreknowledge of events or tendencies  doesn't necessarily prevent them.  It can be most helpful to understand that we are part of nature and are thus effected by our environment. When a tense atmosphere surrounds us, it is very important to GROUND our energy. Stay centered. Be solid. Find what is solid or rooted root so you stay connected into the earth. Haha just remembered al the warning as a kid not to stand under a tree in a lightning storm. I guess I will have to let you figure out what works for you.

And let that sweet Libra love be a balm for anything that tries to throw you off balance.

Happy Full Moon!

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