Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Water Water Everywhere!

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

(from The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)

We have entered the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, which coincides nicely with our current Astrology. Both focus on the element  of water, and speak of emotional cleansing and regeneration.

Yesterday, the Sun joined a group of planets that are all sitting close together in Pisces, opening up our creative thinking and  intuitive processes, as our connection to the greater whole becomes more available at this time. 

The sign for Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, which speaks of the inherent duality of this sign, as it is pulled between the finite and the infinite. Pisces can feel a deep longing to reach the depths of the soul, or to drift aimlessly forever in a pool of forgetting.

Water has the fascinating attribute of appearing innocent and innocuous, while in actuality extremely strong and resilient. Water is invisible; has no definite shape or colour, and adapts to whatever container it is put into.

 Yet when in motion, the force of water can wear down any obstacle and its sheer volume can obliterate houses, land, vegetation, people; or whatever stands in its way.

In its pure form it has little taste or smell, yet it quenches the deepest thirst. We cannot live without it.

Water is a metaphor for spiritual sustenance, and is also the key ingredient of the mists of illusion that can cause us to lose our way.

The sign of Pisces (as well as the 12th house which is Piscean by nature) can be home for addictions and delusions, as well as housing the ardent spiritual seeker.  When Neptune or Pisces is dominant, we want to escape to a boundary-less world where one can easily become lost ... or found!

 Neptune and Pisces can bring us wisdom, kindness and compassion as well as creativity, sensitivity and intuition. 

 This duality of the Pisces symbol also shows us that the duality  inherent in life... it brings us both pain and passion, suffering and joy. Our compassion arises from empathy, as well as suffering. Pisces can be martyrs or saviours, or both.

With Chiron in Pisces now being set off by Mercury, Mars, Sun and Neptune, these dualities are coming forward  again to be healed.

 If you are suffering by playing either role in some way in your life, or  have a strong Neptune, Pisces or 12th house aspect in your own chart, this period could heighten those tendencies, and bring you to a point of having to break free from hopeless situations. Or… you may choose to sacrifice your self in order to save someone or something.

Its not just about suffering. This is a powerful time for Pisceans. So much energy all together here heralds a time of momentous breakthroughs where quantum leaps are entirely  possible.  There are leaps of faith involved, or leaps of intuition.

Mercury, planet of communication,  is about to go retrograde in on Feb23rd. Its backward motion in the watery depths means  it won’t be easy to think in the normal logical sort of way. Today the Sun hitting Neptune adds to the watery dreamy feel. This is excellent for intuition. Visions and dreams will be especially powerful.

Pisces/Neptune influence here also carries the  potential for dishonesty and dodgy dealings. Are we swimming in an ocean of illusion/ or an ocean of love? 

Meditations and healings will be deep, dreams  more vivid  as the veils thin and we access these inner dimensions.
Our actions at this time will be based on feeling. Logic is still important but takes second place now...pure reason doesnt stand a chance.

With all this formless, elemental water flooding our intuition and creativity,  you can let your  poetic, musical  artistic soul out to play in the puddles. 

Remember: creativity comes out of chaos. It all began with water....


  1. i read from a woman chi gong leader that water snake is also about the feminine, yin side, and indicates a year of retreat, introspection, focus on pelvic area and female organs, plus creativity. in line with your post, I have to say, creativity is paramount for me these days, and the martyr/savior roles are being thrust in my face, uncomfortable truths.

  2. Those uncomfortable truths show us about ourselves don't they... but are not easy. Pisces says... take the path of least resistance... go with the flow. Stand in the rain and let the water wash you clean.

    Thanks for bit re Yin feminine inward energy of the Water Snake. I am not overly familiar with Chinese Astrology... but as Water is associated with emotion and thus the feminine, that fits.

    I appreciate your comments. Nice to hear peoples responses.