Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pisces dominates Full Moon in Virgo

Monday’s Full Moon is in the earth Sign of Virgo, exactly opposite a large gathering of planets in watery Pisces.
Jupiter, co ruler of Pisces, squares both the Sun and the Moon as it becomes full. Jupiter exaggerates and amplifies what it touches, and squares in general can be tense. Virgo's ruler, Mercury, is going backward in Pisces. There's all sorts of things going on.  In fact all the planets, as well as the Moon’s nodes, are invited to party!!

Full Moons bring the energy of the previous month to a head, can trigger powerful polarities, and activate areas of attraction/repulsion. Relationships are where these polarities manifest, as we project both good and bad onto each other. In this case our logic will be pitted against our intuition.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this Full Moon contains a lot of emotional energy. Not quite a tsunami… but almost. It’s mostly quite positive if we can go with the flow and sinc up with the immense amount of energy being released, so we can benefit from it rather than be swept away in the undertow.

There are elements of chaos and confusion here, as well as great inspiration, imagination and insight.  We can direct these powerful energies in positive and helpful ways if we can keep our big fat egos (Jupiter square) out of the picture,  try not to control everything (Saturn in Scorpio) or analyse everything (Moon in Virgo). Pisces will bring out our  compassion and  care for the underdog; Virgo needs/wants to be of service.

Just before it all kicks off, Mercury, ruler of Virgo, begins its retrograde motion through Pisces. As it turns backward on Saturday,  it immediately bumps into feisty Mars, planet of aggression.  Some timely advice from the I Ching:

“Pleasant manners succeed when dealing with difficult people.”  (try not to be the difficult person ok?)

As always, watch out for the classic Mercury retrograde mix-ups and miscommunications. With the added impatience and impulsiveness of Mars, be very careful of decisions made at this time… think things over, don’t commit until you are clear and certain of what you are getting into. Check all the information twice, read the fine print, and think (as well as use your intuition) before you speak. That won’t always be easy with so much watery energy blurring the lines of reality.

Both retrogrades are in the element of water. Saturn  in the picture is a positive grounding force. Its backward motion in Scorpio began last Monday, bringing us more introspection and insight. This will help us focus on the details and see beneath the surface.  

It is interesting that this is also the Chinese Year of the Water snake.

Everything says this year is all about Emotional TRANSFORMATION!!

“The energy of this year brings us a time for introspection, contemplation and cultivation of our intuition.

The year of the water snake reminds us to go with the flow, (do not fight to go upstream when you can choose to go with the current). Be gentle with ourselves in all areas as there is much growth and insight to come forth this year and snake gives us the ability to shed the old and begin anew.

This is a great year to make changes and to awaken new light within your life”         (source unknown)

And from Chi Gong for Health Newsletter, Winter 2013:

“it is definitely a year to sit, be with yourself, get to know what you really want and slough off the rest like a snakeskin!  It is not a necessarily a bold year, but one of contemplation, artistic pursuits, pilgrimages, or just floating along the water and noticing what is present within.”

With so many planets in watery Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac wheel where all things come to completion, the message is definitely one of cleansing and releasing old emotional baggage.

Let the water wash everything clean.

Water is yin. It is about emotion and the ability to feel, as well as being is a symbol of soul and of imagination. (see last post) Associated with the feminine archetype,  the Moon is also connected to water,  affecting the tidal flow on our planet, and linking us to the rhythm of life.  These yin, feminine energies work activate our feeling capacity and our creativity,  prompting deep inner processes.

 This energy will therefor help us access the  inner realms that our linear logic may sometimes block. Its all about allowing. Dreams may be more vivid now (mine sure are) and intuition heightened. Those powerful dreams,  triggered by the  Sun contacting Neptune a few days ago, may come to a head at the Full Moon, then start to peter out over the following days. Important messages may come through at this time.  I suggest you keep a pen and pencil handy beside your bed. 

This is also an excellent time to create and write or make music, art…  Or sit and be still and listen to the sound of your breath. Do whatever satisfies the call of the muse. This week I finally picked up a paintbrush after a very long hiatus from painting. It feels soooo good.

Virgo, meanwhile, is all about the details. She will want us to record those dreams and analyse them as well!  Her earthy practicality provides a good container for all this water as long as she does not try to direct the flow.    

Mercury, moving back through Pisces, will have us reflect on our deepest selves, while Saturn in Scorpio teaches us patience, maturity and responsibility (often through emotional challenges and limitations).  Chiron's presence adds both vulnerability and healing to the mix.

“There seems to be a "finality" in the air, but also openings, renewals, and a curious kind of magic, if we adapt to circumstances and facilitate giving and sharing and enjoying and being and lightening up”     Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers

Jupiter  has been going through Gemini for some time now,  prompting  release of limiting belief systems and asking us to try and see the bigger (and more inclusive) picture. Don't let its larger than life presence here activate a know-it-all attitude. 

Let many things pass ... without being duped.        (I Ching)

Pisces is ultimately about universal love, and  the Sun with asteroid 'Eros' add emphasis to the heart quality of this Full Moon.  Feelings will be full and our ability to care for and love each other will only be limited by our egos (Jupiter), our impatience (Mars) or our tendency to be defencive (Pisces). Avoid black or white, either/ or thinking, and all will be well.

This is the time of the Grand Irrationality, where nothing is what is seems. Full Moons carry a heightened, otherworldly quality. Anything can, and will happen.

I wish you an inspiring, exciting, enlightening Full Moon.
May the Muse be with you!!


  1. Nice post. A hopeful tone and heart amid the challenges and cryptics. Thank you.

  2. Sue, I often feel with astrology readings that it happened a few days earlier. You described my last seven days....even before Mercury retrograde there were misunderstandings, miscommunications galore. And also ego crunching and letting go to the flow. Love and Relationships are on the agenda this weekend, for me. and the Feminine water snake is slithering through my body waking up the kundalini and libido - happy Full Moon!