Friday, 25 January 2013

Full Moon in Leo Part 2

A  Leo Full Moon  is about letting your light shine. Know your worth! Self empowerment rules the day!

This Full Moon opposes Sun Mercury and later, Mars in Aquarius. This will bring out the quirky freedom loving, rebellious side of us all. It also means a bit of potential tension in the air. 

Leo can be a bit   ‘me, me, me’  whereas all those planets in Aquarius want everyone to get in the picture!! Haha!  Means there’s going to be a bit of push- pull between self and other… nothing too heavy… we  just have to be aware of the other people in the room. It's all about reciprocity!

It’s not all about you.

Well maybe just a little ; }

Leo is about self; Aquarius is about the collective. Full Moons can polarize issues, both internal and external, which can all show up as tension between you and others. The  energy tends to build gradually, then release as reaches its peak (which is Saturday for some(UK) and Sunday for others... (this will carry over both days either way).

 Leo is drama queen/firey/self- centered, proud and generous to a fault (they are the royalty of the zodiac!!)

Aquarius is all rational/air/intellect/detachment/ideas as I said in my last post. Both are fixed (read stubborn) signs, so this can indicate a stand off between one person feeling passionate about something and another’s having less emotional involvement and being a bit aloof. 

Saturn as co ruler of Aquarius is influencing things from its spot in Scorpio, where it is still just beginning the job of making us face those uncomfortable truths we like to avoid... like sex, shared money, death (yeah, that stuff)   

The tension of the square  to Saturn from both the Sun and Mercury will mean that things we need to talk about but haven't yet might become bothersome/irritating/irksome.

Saturn tends to cause both parties to feel stymied, blocked, sometimes reprimanded. Its purpose is to make us grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. Squared angles mean theres a bit of resistance to dealing with any of it.  Scorpio can be jealous, intense, controlling. Temper tantrums may ensue!!

Though I do believe we do always have a choice,  in my personal experience, knowing what’s coming up wont necessarily change a thing. Most of us just aren’t that conscious yet. Still, it is  helpful in hindsight to see what the hell happened. And you never know, a word of caution here could possible temper any rash behaviour or random lunacy.

 Let me know how that works for you!!

(And of course these things have more impact on those with personal planets in the degrees of influence, in this case early part of these signs... so birthdays from 22nd to 31st of month)

It's clear the weekend could contain some high drama; it certainly wont be boring! Good time to go to the theater or a movie. Let the actors do the drama instead of you!

Unexpected influence comes from  Uranus, the other ruler of Aquarius,  sitting in the impatient, go-getter sign of Aries. Its influence here urges us to start something fresh and come up with a new vision for our self and our world. Expect the unexpected. 

Despite the dramatic tension in the air, there is a lovely flow between Jupiter, Uranus,  Moon, and  Sun which brings in a  quite positive and lovely, quite joyful, very social energy that can  take us out of our full moon madness.

You could call this a moment of ease and grace in the midst of a bit of bother! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The Moon shining full in Leo says: Be the Best you can be, shine your light brightly, walk proud. 

“If your light is on a hill, its kind of hard to hide it well.
You’ve got to be bright to be the light of the world”

Happy Full Moon everybody!

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