Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Return of the Light (Winter Solstice) 12.21.12

Tomorrow is the much-awaited Winter Solstice 2012. End of the Mayan Calendar, Cusp of a New Age.

 Though I don’t believe in all the hype, it does seem that this time is a major marker /transition. It heralds the need to move from an old limited paradigm, based on greed and fear and power over, to a new level of consciousness in which things are perceived in different way. Its not going to happen over night, yet each of us can take steps to make it happen in our own selves, then slowly, slowly, in the world around us.

This is a seed moment.

The transition is to a conscious awareness of who we are, a reconnecting to our cosmic source, so we can align with the highest good and manifest something positive and inclusive in this world. Something based on love not hate, on joy not fear. On inner knowing, and peace, instead of ignorance and war.

The Astrology of Dec 21st warns of getting caught up in superficial hype, signified by Jupiter in Gemini highlighted by a formation called a yod.  This energy is great for holiday visiting and seasonal cheer, but tends toward exaggeration and hyperbole. 

The  main event is that Sun and Earth are lining up in Sagittarius with the galactic core, as they do at this time every year. This is the center of our galaxy, and  the sign of Sagittarius represents the spiritual seeker, the seeking of meaning. 

In 2012,  special significance is given to the Sun also crossing over the equatorial belt of the galactic core, which is what the Mayan calendar is (supposedly) based on. It marks the completion of a cycle (and not the end of the world!) We are also at the cusp of a new age, moving from Pisces to Aquarius.

Aquarius is about brotherhood and sisterhood. It’s about a return to our humanity. Its about equality and understanding.(I feel like I should break into song… “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius’… lalala)

So this is BIG. It’s just that the shift has already started!

We have been approaching this point for several years, and will continue for several more. The sun has been moving over the equator point for a while now (some say since 1998). And the changes are afoot (in case you haven’t noticed…) and will continue.

And, at this very moment, approaching Dec 21st, 2012, the message beaming out from the galactic core is the same as it has always been. It is about knowing our purpose. It calls out to us to know who we are and why we are here.

And in reality, it started the day we were born. 

So as the Sun sits still at this highly significant point in the sky,  let’s take a moment  to pause, breath in, breath out, take stock, reflect, renew. Take time to listen. To feel.

I am alive. We are alive. Hurray!

Did you know that the Sun stands in the same spot for  a few days, then slowly, incrementally, the days begin to get longer? I know…cool!   Seems Christmas represents that time when the Sun begins to move forward. ‘Christ’ means ‘Light.’

The return of the light!

 I wish you a very Happy ‘Soul-stice’ and  a joy filled,  Merry Christmas!

May the light return in your life and in your heart and may you open the best gift you have ever been given.

Blessing on us all!

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