Thursday, 27 December 2012

Full Moon in Cancer

In a few days we will celebrate a New Year, 2013!  Can you believe it? 

Today’s Full Moon in Cancer is the last Full Moon of 2012!  We have had some doozies this year, and this one is no exception.   After the four day Solstice pause, the Sun is now at 7 degrees Capricorn and about to bump into powerhouse Pluto, just after the Full Moon shines bright in emotional Cancer.

With the focus on the Pluto, including the ongoing square to rebellious Uranus, control dramas may surface, along with power plays, petty irritations  and sudden urges to break free  of restrictions.  Passions flare under any Full Moon and these tense aspects could  intensify and add pressure to personal exchanges. Some people thrive on this kind of juicy stuff... and it can work for you if you channel it positively. That might be a bit like riding a bucking bronco, but it can be done...   

Pluto is about death, transformations or endings; quite fitting as we close out the year, and an era. Saturn in Scorpio has also been echoing this theme. In fact, a lot of the recent astrology has  focused on a need to let go of the past, so we can create something different than what has gone before, particularly in the area of personal relationships.

It just might be time to walk away once and for all from people of situations that no longer are working for you. Moon in Cancer wants to hold on forever, yet sometimes we just have to let the lying lie and the dying die…(or something like that. I have no idea where that saying comes from…) On the other hand, it takes maturity to make a commitment and stick with it. Somehow you have to decide which of these it is. 

On a larger scale, Pluto in Capricorn is shaking up our cultural structures and transforming our relationship with both money and with authority systems; many are going through crisis and/or massive changes as the monetary systems break down all over the globe and jobs are lost , homes are foreclosed, loans are called in (something about a fiscal cliff!!).  

Pluto wants us to claim our personal power by asking us to step up to the plate and be the change we want to see in the world.  These are powerful times, and as we focus on setting intentions for 2013, many things are possible.

There's also some lovely support right now, coming from Venus, planet of love, as she sits in wild and free Sagittarius opposite expansive Jupiter in social Gemini,  adding some sparkle to the atmosphere and providing fun through positive social energy.  It’s important to lighten up and celebrate even when so much is topsy-turvy.

If we can  remain mindful of the increased possibility of knee jerk reactions, and give way just a little, especially when triggered, we can continue to enjoy the holiday week without getting caught up in unnecessary dramas.

The Sun in philosophical Sagittarius shines out a reminder to rise above and stay in touch with our bigger selves. The Solstice’s recent call to remember our true purpose continues to ripple out into the pond of our collective  consciousness.

And overall, this potent Full Moon in Cancer channels and brings out our emotional, gentle, nurturing qualities. Everyone needs to feel loved and wanted...  to thrive. Activated by the Pluto/Uranus influence, along with Saturn and Neptune, some may surprise themselves, and others, by stepping out of their normal safety zones to help someone; extending practical assistance or offering kindness and support in ways they may not have considered before. 

Others may step outside themselves... to reach out to ask for that help.

Cancer is the mother who makes sure her children are warm and fed and tucked safely in bed. Some of us may feel like the child who needs tucking in, while some of us will do the tucking. 

Let the balm of this Moon Magic  sooth your furrowed brow and wash away inner tensions, even as she stirs them up! And if your tolerance levels do get tested, try to remember that we all have our foibles, as my friend Doug likes to say. Do unto others .....

And lastly, Neptune adds  a touch of mystery and poetry to the atmosphere, bringing us in touch with those secret longings so often buried and forgotten.

So go howl at the Moon… let your emotions come to the surface to be released and healed, and give yourself, or someone near you,  a big huge hug!

Go on, you know you want to…

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