Tuesday, 11 December 2012

From Darkness to Light: New Moon in Sagittarius

         It’s all a bit intense right now isn’t it? 

The energies of the two recent eclipses (solar in Scorpio and lunar in Gemini) are still rippling out into the collective pond as we approach the end of the year and the winter solstice.

 There is a deep cleansing and clearing occurring that will allow us to meet the new energy coming in … the purpose of which is to help us create a new way of being in the world. (and thus create a new world) This new world needs to be radically different than what we have up till now created (Pluto in Capricorn). A lot has to change (Uranus in Aries). What is being asked of us is nothing less than death... of our old small self  (Saturn in Scorpio).

Which means releasing all that holds us back (Saturn in Scorpio).  This may feel a bit scary. The deep cleansing, triggered by the recent concentration of energy in Scorpio, may have some feeling a bit overwhelmed as old issues rise to the surface to be faced. A lot of clearing has been around relationships, as we are asked to clean up our connections to the world and to each other… and, most importantly, to ourselves.  

Part of making this work is to release old hurts, resentments, fear, etc. These are usually linked to old traumas from either our childhood or from previous relationships (and some would say even previous lives..)

Point is, who hasn’t been hurt or disappointed at some time or another? Who doesn’t have some sort of issue with their mother or father (or by extension, mother or father figures)? Trouble is, we tend to carry that forward into everything we do and everyone we love (or hate)  and suddenly we feel all the pain again and can’t figure out how to get it to stop.

So now is the time to heal and release… and there is much support, and imperative, to doing so. Part of that is facing those bits we shoved into the shadows (Scorpio) so they can be healed.

And because everything is accelerating big time as we hurtle into a new energy field (more on that in a minute) the process may be faster than you think. Just make your intention and see it happen. Satrun is a slow step by step process, but other factors are accelerating everything. 

Just remember that right now issues may be exaggerated, so we can really see where we have releasing to do. Not always easy.

And, BTW,  we don’t have to (though Saturn has been called the taskmaster!!). We can resist, deny, avoid, and escape all we want. Mercury and Neptune square tomorrow will aid us, if that is our desire, as they blur the lines of reality.

We could also use this same energy to dive deep into our soul self and find an inner refuge from the storm. Fine line between that and escapism. Hmmm  Remember: it is always  our choice...to wake up, to be truly alive. Even though it might not be very advisable to be asleep at the wheel, you do have a choice. It is your life. Or ...um ...was!

We also need to remember, this is not just about the negative stuff: the point is to uncover all that is good, to  find out what’s really excellent about us, cause lots is.

So, though this is a time for facing our sh*t…and a time for letting it go, its is also, hugely, a time of self-discovery. That is what Sagittarius is all about.  

The New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow (wed) brings a new expansive thrust forward. We can press the restart button and step into the truth of who we are. Again. We do this each month in each sign, and at next New Moon, we get to try again, in a new way. At this time in the cycle, everything will continue to spiral closer and closer as we approach the core.

In Sagittarius we are dealing with core meaning. Who am I , why am I alive?

 I will recap briefly the most recent planetary configurations triggering profound changes around us and within us.:

Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down the material world, the authoritarian systems, the power constructs we have become accustomed to (or not), so we can claim our own power and restructure our world.

Uranus in Aries is rebelling against the powers that be represented by Pluto in Capricorn… as people all over the world rise up to protest unfair distribution of wealth. Uranus in Aries also brings new visions, new discoveries, and new potential. Watch the science over the next years for some radical leaps.

Saturn in Scorpio brings us face to face with our deepest fears and our deepest strengths. It dredges up old stuff to be cleansed, transformed, and released.

Neptune in Pisces calls us home to our deepest soul selves. It dissolves our ego and reveals who we are beyond this temporary existence.

And earlier this year, Venus, the planet of LOVE, passed in front of the Sun, catching our attention and reminding what it is really all about.

Eclipses between Gemini and Sagittarius pushed us to release old outworn stories we tell ourselves, to get a glimpse of the big picture, while at the same time, allowing for each individual to find their own truth.

Oh and a Yod formation between Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, with focal point on Jupiter.  More about getting the big picture. Getting to the truth. This is joyful energy.  Knowledge of the Self!

And Mercury  right now squaring Neptune, obscuring truth, details, etc! (luckily only for a day or two). Then it moves into Sagittarius, where all murkiness will disappear and be replaced by the focused arrow of truth.

All leading up to the Winter Solstice, 2012,  that long awaited turning point that will bring us into alignment with who we are. From darkness to light!  And as an added bonus, the days will start getting longer ( in the northern hemisphere at least.) 

And no, the world will not end! (I hope)

Every year, the Sun passes between the earth and the Galactic core. This year, the fated and much prophesied 2012… (end of Mayan Calendar) is said to be especially powerful due to the Sun crossing over or near to the gravitational center of the galactic core. Now if you look at the image at the bottom of this page, we are very, very small in relation to the Milky Way Galaxy, and  the spot we cross over the equator is not one exact point,  it’s a wide band, (invisible to the eye) which we have already been crossing each year at this time for quite a few years.

I see it as a marker, a moment, to make an intention, to realign with source…  as the Sun passes close to a point which strongly resonates with source. As do we.

 If you believe that Source is inside of us, then this is a flag to something we carry within us al the time.  
Without it we would not exist.
Who we are is infinite being, innocent, whole, free.
We have just forgotten.

So, rather than the end of anything, this is a beginning. This  coming shift is about remembering…again, what we already  know deep down inside. The planetary energies are lining up now to nudge us a little is all.  It won’t happen in a day, or a month (for most) It’s a process, not an event. 

We can use this day to sit in silence, to pray, or meditate or write or dance… whatever it is that will put us in touch with our heart and our life force. We can plant a seed/ an intention.

And one thing is true on any day. We are here!  Isn’t it amazing?

My son and his partner just had a baby girl last week, and as I sat with her on day two of her life, I felt the purity of her being and the simplicity of her essence, and thought…why do we get so far away from this?

So tomorrow, on 12.12.12 – a magic number for sure- with the New Moon in Sagittarius, the spiritual adventurer, we  can set an intention. Mine is to continue to move forward into the light … which resides in the human heart. In my heart.

 Then, on 20.21.12… on the winter Solstice, we can celebrate the Return of the Light, the return of our selves, to ourselves.


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