Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mercury Madness

Today Retrograde Mercury joined both the Sun and the North Node in the late degrees of Scorpio. This will intensify some people’s need to get at the hidden truth of a situation. Some will dig deep to get to it. Others will happen upon it by accident.

When Mercury first started going backward on November 6th,  it squared Neptune, planet of illusion and confusion (and enlightenment) I wrote last week about how this would create a blurring of the  lines of communication or of reality or trigger the revelation of secrets or taboo information that had been kept hidden.

Because this occurred exactly the day of the American elections, there was a strong assumption  that things could go horribly wrong…like in the Bush lection of 2000 when he got in even though he had less votes.  When this time everything went smoothly (well except for the Super Storm Sandy a few days before)  many were wondering how the craziness would manifest  (it was expected in the US in particular because of links to the US chart)

Lo and behold… just a few days later, we saw a lovely bit of Scorpio drama emerge in the form of the sex scandals of two US generals who also have worked for the CIA etc etc.  

Scorpio = sex, Mercury retro =  information previously lost or hidden (especially when  in Scorpio where hidden things lie). There was also a link to Mars in Sagittarius (military).  And a square between Mercury  to Neptune can manifest as lying and fictitious information, and veils of illusions.  If you have seen any of this story  on the news... I think you'll agree that it’s a total circus. 

Not being a political pundit (or a gossip monger)  I will leave the discussion of this issue to others more qualified (such as Eric Francis at Planet (political pundit, not gossip)

Anything like that happening in your own life? Is madness erupting for those of you with strong Scorpio in your chart?

 Mercury retrogrades often get a bad rap due to the supposed chaos they can trigger, so this time  I decided I wasn’t going to give all the hype  too much heed . Some times I think we get what we expect…  so why expect disaster?

Well everything was ticking along quite nicely until yesterday when both Mercury (and the Sun) hit my natal Saturn (in my first house of self) and squared my natal Pluto as well.  This is a very very very intense aspect in my chart and I can tell you I have definitely been feeling it this weekend. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

And yet also quite funny really; for all my protestation, the last two days have been rife with crazy technological screw ups and communication chaos… creating much angst but making me laugh as well.  For instance, suddenly my mobile phone will not receive calls or text messages. I can call out but no one can call in.

And I have used up five discs  trying to burn a DVD for a meeting I am hosting next week; nothing is working so far and I don't know why (well I know why, but that's  not a logical explanation is it?!).

And remember my story a few weeks back about my date going horribly wrong when the planets were full of oppositions at the last Full Moon. We went out again in the midst of the Grand Cross tension… (I said I would keep you posted). Well it all started off ok, but eventually end we did succumb to pressure and ended up in some ridiculous stand off. Again.

Everything is  ok now but it was a bit testy for a few days. I do have to say, when he was stomping away and I was fiercely calling him a coward, a part of me was quite detached and thinking, ah this is the Grand Cross acting out, it’s just the planets. Haha ...  this is not real!!!   This time I  was not going to be so unconsciously dragged into things. Well... um...mostly...not.

Have you heard of the book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz?  One of the agreements is
  “ Don’t take anything personally”…!!

When there are intense planets cris -crossing and opposing each other and setting off sparks, remaining detached is  not always easy.  Yet, knowing you are  in the midst of a planetary storm really does help.

Fast forward to this weekend’s retrograde Mercury moving back into intense Scorpio and hitting my Saturn (i.e wall !!)   A part of me finds it quite funny to be played with by the Trickster, Mercury. To another part (the serious Saturn part)…  not so funny!

So… he stopped by last night to see me,  but as I didn’t respond to several texts, and my doorbell is not working (!!!) he didn’t come in.

Meanwhile I was getting very tense  (Saturn square Pluto is very, very tense) and wondering why he hadn’t called. But damned if I was going to call him. So I sat and stewed (shades of the last scenario) and meanwhile he tried and tried to contact me with no response. He came all the way to my place and then, thinking I was either not at home or already asleep, he turned around and went home again (a 1 ½ hr bus trip)

When I woke up this morning and still no message, I really started t fry. But then I discovered the Sun was  lighting up my Saturn stuff… so I decided to try and let go and relax and let him show up whenever. Of course that was a challenge with the tension inherent in my chart being activated. In fact it gave me a chance to look at that stuff and do some inner work around trust.

Then I found the package he left me on my doorstep (movie for us to watch, hand carved candle holder, pamphlet about native healing herbs) etc (I know…    awwwwwwww!! :)

My pride melted,  I called him to say thank you…  and subsequently discovered that he had sent me numerous messages (which I never got!!) and had actually been at my door the night before. Geez!

Moral of the story.: In a Mercury Retrograde, especially when Neptune is involved, : nothing is as it seems so… be patient, Don’t jump to conclusions … or judgments, until you know the truth of a situation. Never assume…anything.

And with Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio: Try not to be paranoid. 

P.S. A sense of humour helps!

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