Saturday, 3 November 2012

Grand Trine and Grand Cross cont'd

With all the Jupiter Mars Gemini Sag stuff increasing the pontification potential, and Mercury/Neptune blurring communications (lol)  I feel the urge to have another try at explaining the current energies.

The tension of a Grand Square is a kind of closed system which we can feel trapped in. The pressures from each corner create a kind of impasse…in relation to the energies involved. Over time it can transform yes… into a jewel of great value…(understandings, breakthroughs etc) or  we could just feel overwhelmed or stuck.

There’s a good chance people will be unpredictable or unreliable and likely push your buttons over the weekend.

The Grand Trine in water (fluidity, emotions) shows us how/where  this pressure can become positive and work to our benefit. It is possible to rise above, though it will take some conscious effort. Still, this welcomed fluidity can  help us transcend  challenges with ease and grace!

As long as we remember that with the current Mercury craziness  our thinking may not be especially clear, as we are more susceptible right now to incorrect assumptions, wooly thinking, miscommunications or downright deceptions.

Mercury in Scorpio also adds a touch of paranoia for good measure! (the opposite of ease and grace lol)

Here’s a personal example of how this could all play out. 

Two weeks ago, when the Moon was sitting with Pluto (intense) the person I am seeing invited me to dinner. He was also committed to work on a big project that day, and did not know how late he would be.

He got so busy he didn’t contact me until 10 o’clock that night … to say they were still at it. I was furious as you can imagine and we had a big row. Thing is I knew it could go late and was ok to stay in. I was just  irritated that he ‘didn’t bother’ to call (valid reason me thinks)

He felt he had warned me so it wasn’t his fault, he had to work yadayadayada

I knew had a choice…didn’t have to react…yet I felt pulled into this vortex of negative energy . it actually felt like a whirlpool sucking me down into this reaction I really didn’t want to have. And even though I knew I had a choice, and and I knew I was blowing it, I just couldn’t stop myself. Ahhhh
The good thing was, later, that knowledge allowed to finally let it go… because I was able to take responsibility for my own reaction. And as soon as I backed off, he apologized.
Whew. Happy ending.

Now its two weeks later, he has invited me again…and I am feeling anxious. It seems to be for no reason, yet am afraid  there could be a repeat. I know it is not rational, and again I do have a choice, yet I feel kind of boxed in somehow…like in the movie Groundhog Day where he repeats the same mistakes again and again.  That’s how a Grand Cross can feel.

So… I find myself  feeling vulnerable and touchy (Moon in Cancer)...
 and afraid he wont show   (Uranus square moon – erratic, Mercury in Scorpio, suspicious)    so I call him to make sure we are really going …

which makes him feel pressured  (Moon Opp. Pluto)    so he resists  (Uranus Square Pluto)   and though on the surface he tries to placate me    (Mercury/Neptune, Moon/Cancer)  he becomes vague under pressure   (Mercury sq Neptune)   and gets off the phone too quickly (Venus opp Uranus)   which could easily be just my paranoid perception… (Moon opp Pluto)

It’s amazing how things can go horribly wrong in seconds!!  And through it all, I know there is this intense planetary energy and I am trying to figure out how to get out of its grip.

I can acknowledge my insecurity (Moon in Cancer) by doing something concrete(Moon trine Saturn) and nice for myself (like get a massage, which I did yesterday (Venus in Libra trine Jupiter) which is nurturing and healing (Chiron/Venus/Neptune) 

I can meditate to get centered (Moon trine Neptune/Chiron) and also give positive support to my friend (Moon in Cancer)

 I can also back off from pressuring him( Pluto opp Moon) and give him space  (Venus opp Uranus)  and trust   (Neptune in Pisces)   that everything will be fine. I can be honest  (Moon/Saturn) about my feelings without using that to manipulate   (Mercury/Neptune)(tricky!!)

Pluto opposite Moon can be obsessive so part of the plan is to release some of that energy creatively  (I made a snowman…that was a good start!)  plus music helped as well. I even got out my guitar   (Moon/Venus, Moon Neptune)

And even just revealing my insecurities and foibles here in writing (Mercury in Scorpio) has been therapeutic. Ha…he just texted me to firm up dinner plans.

I’ll let you knowhow it turns out. 

Nothing is certain under this crazy sky!! 
  Detachment? Surrender. Trust!
 “ The only thing certain in this life is uncertainty”


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