Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

A partial Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 9:46 am EDT /2:46 pm GMT Wed November 28th.  This Eclipse  asks us to get our head out of the sand (of distractions) and urges us to focus on the big picture. While the Moon is overshadowed for a short time, the Sun in Sagittarius calls us back to our purpose, asking us to remember our life’s true meaning. 

 A Yod aspect draws the energies of several other planets into the eclipse energy field, with the ‘finger of god’ (another term for a Yod formation) directed at the Moon and thus at the eclipse. An eclipse marks a sudden departure from the past and this one is no exception. 

For a good part of this year, life for many has been about arranging ourselves in relationship to others, sorting out the past and preparing to move into a state of being, a new era.

There has been great intensity and tension created by many retrogrades, several eclipses, plus the ongoing Cardinal Grand Cross, which includes a very, very tense angle between Pluto and Uranus.

The latter has been stirring up rebellion and revolt against tyranny and outmoded systems that favour the few over the many. That revolution continues all over the world as we speak.

The inner revolution has been to confront our feelings of powerlessness and to walk away from old patterns of abuse and inner confusion. Where do we give our power away? Do we  sometimes abuse our selves (internally) far more than anyone else does? Facing this may create a temporary crisis as we struggle to find a way out of the shadows. Trust that you will emerge victorious, though it may entail a bit of struggle.

We are moving through a time of deep cleansing in preparation for the renewal that occurs at the Winter solstice.

No matter what interpretation you put on the predictions for this years solstice, (Mayan Calendar etc)  this is always a powerful time as we move toward the darkest night of the year.

Saturn in Scorpio (part of the yod formation) is now holding up a very large mirror so we can get a good look at what we are doing and where we have been. As it moves through the sign of sex, death and transformation, we may have to face issues we tend to avoid, yet this will give us more access (once we get through the ensuing resistance) to the deeper juicier parts of our psyche.

Old residues of guilt and shame hidden in the recesses of our minds can colour our ability to let go and truly inhabit our bodies and our sexuality, and our power. Saturn in Scorpio for the next two and a half years is going to prompt us to examine those residues and deal with what we really want or feel.

Venus now sitting with Saturn brings up issues and fears re sex and sharing,  loss of control,  loss of love, loss of money. The urge for personal transformation will bring us face to face with our need to step beyond what is comfortable, and those with personal planets in Scorpio may get put through the gauntlet.

The Venus/Saturn combination also has great staying power, activating a deep sense of commitment in love and an ability to persist to the end. This bodes well for those aspects of our process that require persistence and perseverance. 

This Full Moon eclipse is the culmination of the  New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio two weeks ago; both are about releasing the past to make way for a new way of doing and being. The intention you put out then will be starting to take root now. If you prepared the soil well and planted deep, what you envisioned will survive the long winter. 

In Scorpio we deal with old hidden issues that are in need of releasing.

This Lunar eclipse, combined with the Full Moon energy, will bring to a close that which is ready to end, and  help us rise to the occasion of creating what we truly want.

In Gemini, it may involve letting go of the stories (or lies)  we tell ourselves ... to make way for a new paradigm.

Mars conjunct Pluto,  sitting on the other side of the Yod aspect,  provides a powerful surge of energy that can move us beyond the past. Though everything may not change in a day, this is definitely the moment it starts to shift.

Eclipses contain the seeds of change, and with Mars/Pluto's focused determination, its the perfect time to create new personal authority and structure in our lives. 

All in all, this is very, very intense energy, so please be cautious and careful right now, as accidents and violence are much more likely under this combo. With Uranus involved, we may be confronted by the unexpected.

This past summer, the same combination corresponded with several very public acts of violence (One was the shooting inside a theater in the US). If you are feeling a build up of tension, find a positive outlet like martial arts, kickboxing,  jogging etc. Or jump up and down and shout! Or... eat chocolate. (try to release or soothe the beast in other words)

And if you sense someone is in a rage…  take cover, keep your head down, don’t provoke them (you could feed them chocolate!)

Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Gemini reflects how easily we can get distracted and caught up in a myriad of details of excess information, symbolized most aptly by the internet, which most will agree is a blessing and a curse. The term ‘search engine’ is a perfect metaphor for a seemingly endless pursuit of information we engage in every day.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and another aspect of this eclipse will be the shattering of false beliefs. What do I know, and how do I know it? What do I believe and why do I believe it?

 "I think, there for I think I am" (Descartes)

Think, think, think…  sometimes we cant stop thinking…!!! 

Jupiter’s proximity to the Full Moon amplifies our thoughts and feelings and inspires us to go beyond the petty and the mundane. The Sagittarius Sun sitting opposite the Moon asks the question… (imagine an East-Indian accent)  ‘What knowledge is it you are seeking? Knowledge of self, or knowledge of  ‘stuff’.’

And one last thing: beware the influence of Neptune, which can cause some serious misinformation misguided behaviour and downright deception.  Read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line!   Neptune, Chiron (in Pisces) and Jupiter (in Gemini with the Full Moon) bring inspiration, heightened creativity and the potential for divine guidance, yet there is also the danger of getting lost in our own fantasies. Find a sacred space to access the potent flow of expansive emotion and ideas, yet keep your feet on the ground.

If driving, please avoid drugs and alcohol and/or… have a designated driver. This is a potentially dangerous Full moon where accidents are very, very possible.

And though Mercury is now direct, it will take a bit of time to retrace its steps’ so don’t assume everything is totally back to normal (whatever that is !!)

 North America, Australia and the Far East will be able to watch as the Gemini Moon becomes partially eclipsed  by the shadow of the earth (see chart below)

You may  notice the heightened polarity between an urge for an objective overview or the tendency toward  self-serving subjectivity. If you feel stuck in a mental loop, take a moment to stop the mind's chatter and sit in your deepest knowing.

Eclipses of the Moon reveal unconscious intuitive processes.    A larger truth or a greater vision may be revealed.    Ask and it shall be given.

The answer lies within.

or ...  ask Puppet Ji! :

(to see where the eclipse can be viewed click on map to make larger)

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  1. Find a sacred space to access the potent flow of expansive emotion and ideas, yet keep your feet on the ground." that's exactly what I plan to do today. Grounding and sacred space are always a good idea, but especially in times like these. Get in touch with the power of doing nothing, to deal with overwhelm and feelings of busyness, too much doing - needs balancing with receiving, meditation, yoga, massage, and just plain rest. give the mental energy a much needed break. thanks Sue