Monday, 15 October 2012

New Moon in the sign of Love (Libra)

 Today’s New Moon kick starts a fresh energy cycle and highlights the next phase of our emotional development. Moon cycles remind us of the eternal circle of life, always arriving back from where we came, only to move forward again.

Round and round the circle we go… dancing, dancing, to and fro….

A New Moon is a Sun Moon conjunction, where the Masculine (Sun) combines with the Moon (feminine) to bring about an  alchemical union called the ‘conjunctio,’ or “Sacred Marriage”.  With the merging together of these Yin and Yang energies, all of life is balanced along the negative/positive axis, which is a source of great energy.

 The new energy  born of this union ripples out into our lives, carrying our intentions  forward.  In the sign of Libra, connections with others will be activated, as the New Moon brings a surge in the 'urge to merge… '

A benevolent aspect from Jupiter brings expansion and joy, creating the potential for a positive re-visioning  of our relationships. If you have a wish to find love, or to improve your relationship(s) this is an excellent  time to put that out into the universe.

Just remember to be careful what you wish for.

We all know that illusions abound in the land of romantic love. Right now, aspects to Chiron and Neptune bring both healing and deceptive elements to the energy field, making it prudent to  wipe clear those misty visions enough to examine what is  fantasy and what is fact.

Healing can now come from facing  lost parts of us  (often reflected in others) that need so much love (Venus, Chiron).   Self-examination and inner refection yield high rewards. Relationship is a spiritual path. Believe it!

Libra is represented by the sign of the scales. The New Moon here brings us face to face with an inner polarity that is reflected in our need for another, versus our need for freedom and autonomy. Finding that balance is not always easy, especially right now when the pull toward merging is so strong at this time.

Yet Libra is all about finding that balance and harmony, so rest assured, there is mega support for us for us around our love connections.

People often ask for readings to see how a relationship will work out. While it is almost impossible to predict outcomes, one can get a lot of information about relationship dynamics by seeing what planets have lined up in what signs etc and how they relate to each other. It is always fascinating to explore the planetary dynamics that describe a bond that has pulled people together.  Seeing what is operating between two charts can provide understanding of not only why you chose that person but how you can work with the energies flowing (or not) between you. Outcomes often depend on our level of awareness.

Knowledge is power.  

In today's chart, the combined energies  of the Sun and Moon  create a dynamic charge that we can all tap into.   We must remember that the sacred marriage is ultimately within the self.  Personal alchemy is about healing inner opposition/fragmentation to form a greater whole.

A few days ago a good friend who practices native spirituality explained some aspects  of the sacred pipe ceremony.  The pipe bowl represents the feminine and the  stem is the masculine. They have a ritual of putting the stem into the bowl four times to signify the sacred joining of masculine and feminine energies.

The  pipe is then offered up to spirit with prayers and smoked. The inhaled smoke represents the holy breath, the source of life, which needs the masculine and feminine to be joined together in order to be utilized.

I will leave you with that beautiful and sacred symbolism, which is totally in keeping with this New Moon in Libra, where we seek to find balance between self and other,  and between polarized aspects of our own being.

May you find the center of your being where true love resides and all is one! 

Make your intention now and let it be so.

 If you knew yourself for even one moment, 
if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face, maybe you wouldn't slumber so deeply in that house of clay.

Why not move into your house of joy and shine into every crevice! 

For you are the secret Treasure-bearer, 
and always have been. 

Didn't you know?

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