Monday, 29 October 2012

Howling at the Taurus Full Moon

Today’s Full Moon is between the Sun at around 6 degrees Scorpio and the Moon opposite in Taurus.

Taurus is mother earth, the Great Mother, representing  harvest, fertility, abundance, sensuality. She pulls us down to earth and helps us connect to our roots. Taurus nurtures.

Scorpio takes us to the edge, to our depths, to our fears, our sex, our death, our taboos and our obsessions. Scorpio transforms.
Full Moons represent polarity and tension between the unconscious (Moon) and conscious (Sun). At this Full Moon we will be pulled between our need for safety and nurturing and our need to transform.

The existing polarity is even more pronounced due to the added oppositions between Venus/Uranus and Mars/Jupiter.

This is intense, feisty, testy energy that may erupt in flare-ups and stand offs, or it could energize dynamic expression in a variety of ways.  It all depends on how we use it.

The New Moon two weeks ago in Libra highlighted the necessity to find harmony and to balance our need to stand on our own with our deep instinct for connection and relationship.

As this Moon cycle peaks now, the current oppositions will challenge us to accomplish that balancing act in our connections with family members, or work contacts, with lovers or long-term partners, with friends or enemies. Anyone we encounter now can set off these polarizing tendencies.

 Oppositions create an us-and-them mentality that results in situations where we have to choose between opposite parties or sides of an issue, or between commitment and freedom.

Venus opposing Uranus is stirring things up by demanding space; its instinct is to escape, to be free.

Feisty Mars in Sagittarius is itching for adventure … while its juxtaposition to Jupiter in Gemini sets off opposing ideologies and belief systems. This could result in a war of words that goes on and on, with people getting all blustery and acting like know-it-alls or zealots. Others are obsessed with rebelling against those horribly dogmatic or condescending a**holes!   

Everyone feels (and will argue to prove) that they are right.  (remind you of any current political scenarios?)

Satisfying the urge for freedom inherent in these aspects, while at the same time honouring our deep need for close connections becomes a tricky tap dance.  Choices are sometimes hard to make.

Should I stay or should I go now. If I stay there will be trouble. If I go there it will be double"           The Clash

There are many ways to work with commitment that do not equal containment. But it helps to sort out the differences between desire and jealousy, devotion and possessiveness, or a shared creative purpose versus a control drama. They often get confused.”    Eric Francis (Planet Waves)

Yes, easy to get confused when the Moon in Taurus opposite Sun (plus serious Saturn) brings out our need for security and comfort while simultaneously  taking us way out of our comfort zone. Its a challenge for sure. Both Taurus and Scorpio are possessive signs, and both are intrinsically loyal, yet Taurus is more naturally trusting, while Scorpios trust no one and are known for their jealousy and control issues.

This Taurus Full Moon could  therefore set off unconscious emotional issues that manifest, for example, in attempts to control others (Scorpio) in order to maintain a sense of security (Taurus). Paranoia, another Scorpio trait, can be triggered by even the slightest hint of that Venus/Uranus escapism, setting off accusations and counter accusations.

Saturn in Scorpio will ask us to grow up by facing our deepest fears and to stop projecting them onto others. 

On the other side of the sky, the Taurus Moon helps us to trust and relax  and to savour the richness of each encounter. 

 It might be a bit of a challenge to deal with these two very different energies… nothing like a Full Moon to bring out our issues!

Relationships are such powerful mirrors and can be used to see where we still have room to grow.  Whatever I react to in you says more about me (most of the time) than it does you. Though this is definitely a steep learning curve, it is also a great opportunity to develop self awareness through mindfulness. Just watch your reactions. Note them. Accept them. Learn from them. Then let them go.

It’s not always easy to do that. … so much easier to blame and project onto others…. especially in the current self-righteous atmosphere. (there’s a saying: when one finger is pointing at another, four more are pointing back at you…)

Yet despite this tendency for standoffs and ego clashes, the dynamic friction created by so many planets facing off has the potential to be channeled into positive outcomes. Think of a combustion engine. The energy created by continuous explosions in each tiny chamber can be harnessed to create forward movement.

No tension, no movement.

These oppositions also represent where we are struggling with the duality of our own nature.  We all contain Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine energies. Dark and light.

Oppositions provide us  with the chance for integration as we find ways to meet (ourself) in the middle.

Maybe one side of us that wants to escape (Uranus) our relationship (Venus) or at least have a little more space or freedom, and is in conflict with our deep feelings of insecurity and the need for comfort (Moon in Taurus).

Or perhaps our sexual needs hook us into a relationship that really doesn’t serve us or offer any true security or commitment. 

Maybe we mother and feed everyone (Taurus) but are afraid to ask for what we want/need/desire (Scorpio)

There are so many ways we can end up in these push pull situations, and as the Full Moon shines a light on these things may come to a boiling point.

A plus side:  with so much steam in the air, and all that Taurus/Scorpio frisson, the sensual and erotic will be activated …  which gives us a lot of potential energy we can use in oh so many ways!!!

Full Moon howl: ooooowwwwwwww!  


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