Friday, 14 September 2012

New Moon in Virgo: It's all in the Details

There is a distinct chill in the night air these days and the earlier and earlier sunsets signal immanent seasonal change coming at the Autumn Equinox on Sept 20th. The resident black squirrel in my back yard is busy digging up all the flowerbeds to store his winter food (much to the chagrin of my housemate) He’s got his Virgo priorities in hand (or paw hehe).

Tomorrow ‘s New Moon sets the tone of this next monthly cycle as Sun and Moon sit together at 23 degrees Virgo, joining Mercury, ruler of Virgo.

This very concentrated and pure Virgo energy  brings a strong mental focus on whatever intentions we put out at this time. Those wishes or intentions will start to come to fruition at the next Full Moon, like seeds planted in fresh soil.

Earth sign Virgo is pragmatic, meticulous, orderly, health conscious, and always of service. A fussy perfectionist, she is also highly self- critical and can be picky to the point of obsession. We can use this energy to get those jobs done or be of service in some way. Our diets will be under scrutiny as well as our work habits. This is an excellent time to do a cleansing fast.

The Sun moving through the meticulous sign of Virgo for most of the month of September signals a focusing in as we slowly wind  down from our expansive summer activities of watery (swimming, summer showers, family visits) and fiery (sunshine, heat etc) Cancer and Leo respectively. 

The solar year is divided into twelve Astrology signs containing13 Moon cycles (hence a Blue Moon each year … two Full Moons in one month) such as we had last month. These cycles repeat repeat over and over, in the endless merry go round of time, as the planets and stars spin and twirl and do their cosmic dance.

This New Moon signals a last chance to get things in order before the Sun, Moon and Mercury all enter the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, with its focus on relationships/partnerships and hard aspects to the Uranus-Pluto square that has stirred up so much trouble over the last year or so.

Things are already starting to intensify and will heat up even more next week as Saturn enters Scorpio and Pluto turns direct. This means the fairly smooth energy flow of the last few weeks will be hitting the proverbial fan (if you watch the news it already is)

The New Moon gives us a chance to set things in place before the storm blows. Time to bring in the harvest and batten down the hatches.

 This Sun/ Moon conjunction will accentuate the Virgo themes of hyper efficiency, cleanliness, and health, as the combined energies of Sun Moon and Mercury heighten the need for clarity of thought and attention to detail.

“Fix something, clean something, serve something or someone. Think!  Discern! Organize for efficiency, do some good. Eat healthy, exercise, address bad habits, unclutter your mind or environment.  Help someone, somewhere, somehow. Don’t slack. Be of use!”   (Elsa

We can all use this moment to clarify our goals and focus on desired outcomes that will carry us through into the autumn season.

 New Moon intentions tend to manifest in a specific area in your chart called a house. So for example, if you are a Leo rising, Virgo will be your second house, and will concern your sense of value and your personal possessions. This is where your personal money sits, so focusing on for what you need in this area makes sense at this time.(see chart below for other house info)

Paying attention to, and organizing, whatever area of your life the New Moon falls into will be expedited at this time by the intentions you direct to this area. You can help these intentions along by writing them down or in some way verbalizing what you want for yourself at this time.

The horoscope chart is divided into 12 sections, each signifying a specific area of your life. Each house will show in a more specific way  how a particular planet (or New Moon or eclipse etc) is working.

The following is a very brief description of each house. If you count from your rising sign as No 1 (based in your time of birth) you can get a bit of an idea of where your intentions will have the most impact. (or you can go to You need time and place of birth to do this, which is why Astrologers require it for a chart reading)

Anyway here goes:

Ist : Ascendant or Rising Sign: doorway of the birth chart: appearance, physical body, how you go into the world
2nd: personal values, finances, possessions; sense of self worth
3rd :  communication, brothers and sisters, immediate environment (neighbours etc)
4th: home, mother, root: our formative years
5th: love affairs, romance, play and creativity, gambling
6th: work, service, health,
7th: marriage and partnerships
8th: sex, death and taxes, inheritance,(other peoples money) regeneration/transformation
9th: religion, philosophy, higher learning, long distance travel,
10th: career (as opposed to day to day work details) public persona
11th: friends, groups, ideals
12th: (most hidden house), intuitive and psychic realm, dreams, institutions and places of restriction, self undoing, hidden enemies,

To sum up: the Virgo New Moon asks us to pay attention to details, sharpen our focus and work on projects, ideas, habits.   We can use this refined Virgo energy to plant an intention that will bring greater results in our life and help us manifest success.

What we focus on grows!!

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