Thursday, 27 September 2012

Full Moon in Aries

 This Saturday we have a Full Moon in fiery Aries.

Last week we reached the Autumn Equinox, the moment where night and day were in equal measure. This marks a turning point in the year, a pause before we start to move inward toward the darker months (in the northern hemisphere).

 A Full Moon is the opposition of Moon and Sun, of Yin and Yang, and when in Aries and Libra, it highlights and amplifies the need for balance  represented by the Equinox. 

 As the Sun moves through Libra (sign of the scales) it calls us to find harmony and balance in our lives, and puts us face to face with the reality of self (Aries) and other (Libra).  

  In the beginning there was One, one became Two, two became the Many.

At this time of year, we assess where we are and who we are with, as well as prepare our plan of action for the coming winter (or summer down under)

Libras message is: find the middle point ; seek harmony rather then disharmony. Find the middle way. The more subtle wisdom in this is: when we look in the mirror of other, we see… a reflection of ... our self!!!

Aries is all about me me me. It leads us forward and encourages us to take initiative. The Moon here is a bit self centered and will need to take into account all the other people on the planet!! Sun in Libra insists we remain aware of each other.

That process (of finding  equanimity) may be even more of a challenge right now with the added tension of some other very powerful planetary energies.( the ongoing Uranus Pluto Square is part of this Full Moon)

The Sun/Moon axis in Libra and Aries will activate our relationships as well as our need to be true to ourselves. That thing about balance is going to be crucial here to get both working together.

The added friction of the Pluto Uranus square could make us more aware of global tensions, or bring us into contact with unresolved issues around authority and systems and limitations vs our need for autonomy and freedom (Uranus). Issues of power and control (Pluto) may surface and we all may be a bit touchy and over reactive with those we love. If there is a chip on your shoulder this might be just the time to remove it.

Please be very gentle and patient with yourself and others. This can be a touchy and highly reactive weekend.

Be kind as you rewind!!!!!

 And, remember, though this kind of intensity can be challenging, it can also be very useful. If something in your life is not working, this blast of energy can help it shift. The Full Moon (and these times in general) can provide the impetus for a much needed, major overhaul.

If you have already been experiencing these aspects personally (early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you have already been having a bit of a bumpy ride. Yet I would bet you are also growing in leaps and bounds, and at the end of it all you will be stronger, and wiser to boot!!

Use this Full Moon weekend  to dance or drum or do something physical to help move such powerful energy through you. Let it be for your making, instead of your breaking.

Once the storm has passed and the rubble cleared away, a breath of fresh air will bring new life and new hope, with the  chance to bloom and grow like never before.

There is a rainbow after the storm.

                   “you breathe, you're conscious
                    you have the capacity to exist
                    you have the capacity to know
                    you have the capacity to celebrate
                    that is your biggest forte “

                          Prem Rawat

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