Thursday, 30 August 2012

Full Moon in Pisces


This one is called a ‘Blue Moon’. Every now and then, there are two Full Moons in the same month. It is even more unusual because it’s the second one in 2012 . No blue colour though… the expression 'once in a blue moon' is used to refer to an event that occurs infrequently.

Friday’s Full Moon in Pisces is also kind of special because the ruler of Virgo (Mercury) will be in Virgo and the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) will be in Pisces.  Each sign is amplified by its own ruler residing there. And they are opposite signs. So the strong polarity that already exists at a Full Moon will be even more so at this time.

We will be pulled between the logical and mystical poles of our being.

The Moon in intuitive Pisces stimulates our imagination and our dreams; Pisces wants to carry us across the mystic veils into a world beyond, activating the deep inner longing for our spiritual home where peace and love reign supreme.

That longing can also be projected onto others… as we search for a perfect love that never dies.  Watch out, the resulting disappointment and disillusionment can  trigger addictive behaviour and a desire to escape into a world of fantasy (that end up as nightmares).

Drugs and alcohol may help us relax, and as you know, at they can also obscure reality. Make sure you have a designated driver. Or find a natural high!

The Sun in pragmatic Virgo wants to keep you right here on earth and focused on the details of your work and health. Swimming would be one perfect way to satisfy both energies at once. Virgos are rather fastidious... how bout cleaning the house while listening to Pink Floyd?  (I think I just aged myself lol !!)

  Mercury (communication, thinking) is moving into its home sign of Virgo, amplifying our rational thinking and fighting against the tidal pull of the Moon. Virgo’s perfectionism will resist the blurring of the lines that Pisces brings. Be interesting to see which one exerts the greater influence  tomorrow.

The inward-pull is intensified by the Moon’s visit today to both Chiron and Neptune who sit close together at the beginning of Pisces. Chiron is the wounded healer and carries great regenerative and healing potential, while Neptune, god of the watery realms, urges our imagination to greater depths. This is a powerful healing mix that may stir up some deep processes and make us extra vulnerable.

Jupiter in square to both the Sun and the Moon expands and amplifies the polarity, so some could feel quite overwhelmed by this Full Moon. Mercury (the mind) may  try to hijack everything to stay in control. Beware of over-analyzing at this time.

 Despite the power of both Mercury and Sun in Virgo, the Moon will likely dominate  at this time, so try to relax that logical brain just a little and let the moon take you on a magical mystery tour.

If you have planets in the early signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, you will feel the pull more strongly than most. 
Find a sanctuary or a safe place to explore the inner realms. Meditation can help, or journal writing.

Or… go dancing. Paint a picture. Sing a song. Write some music. Do some Full Moon drumming. Get some healing touch!

Sky's the limit… literally!!!

The other planets are generally supportive for this journey, though as I said, a certain vulnerability is in the air. We may all be a bit touchy, so be kind.

Feisty Mars is now in Scorpio and adds determination and intensity to whatever is going on. In the background, Uranus square Pluto is heating up again. These two are all about change and transformation. Expect more uprisings and street protests in the near future. The status quo is being challenged on all fronts.

Yet before you all go out to change the world (and it does need changing)  ... let this powerful Pisces Moon take you inward and guide you toward a deeper perception of life and love. Step a little closer, for a moment,  to what it truly is to be a human being. Be the change you want to see in the world.   

Now that would be a revolution!  
Blue Moon by Cowboy Junkies

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