Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Moon in Gemini (again)

It feels like things are accelerating at an significant rate since last month's eclipses and the Venus transit.   As we rush through the rest of June and into July there are increasing cosmic changes in the air.  

If you are feeling a bit ragged, or unusually tired or exhilarated, its because we are undergoing such rapid changes to our psychic framework and how we experience/view the world.

 Jupiter moved into Gemini on June 11th, super-charging Communication and all things relating to the Mind for the next year.  

This Tues, June 19th, we have the second New Moon in Gemini this month, rather appropriate for the sign of the twins, and then the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) arrives on June 20th, the day after the New Moon.  

On June 24th we reach the first exact degree of the infamous square of Pluto and Uranus.   (sorry, I previously said the 20th…)

This particular aspect marks the current time as one of intense transformation and revolution.  Not since the 60’s have we seen so many people taking to the streets to protest everything from student fee hikes to government policies to corporate greed to immoral despots to environmental genocide. (The list goes on and on and on)

Uranus Pluto says it’s a time to stand up and be counted.

In the background, Saturn, retrograde in Libra for over a year,  forced us to go back one more time to negotiate healthier boundaries in our relationships and/or asked us to commit in a real way or leave for once and for all. As Saturn stations and turns direct on June 25th , things will finally shift forward and we will begin facing the consequences of those decisions.

 Luckily, Venus, planet of love, recently passed in front of the Sun in a rare celestial show, showering us all with blessings and reminding us that love really is the answer.

Venus’ retrograde motion through Gemini turned some of us inward and backward to face old issues around self worth and self love. Old lovers or old memories may have reappeared in your life as Venus swept us backward in time. 

Part of the message was/is that everything we are looking for is already inside of us. You can carry that insight forward with you when Venus turns direct on June 27th.

Mars finally leaves Virgo after 8 months and goes into Libra on July 3rd, urging us to act on those lessons Saturn brought   so we can be centered and balanced in our relationships with others in the coming years. Time to walk the talk!

Meanwhile, we’ve had a series of eclipse events: the annular solar eclipse with Sun in Gemini, a partial lunar eclipse last week in Sagittarius, and then the Moon making an occultation (passing exactly in front of) to Pluto right at the end of the transit of Venus.

Needless to say these are powerful times with the potential to learn and grow as never before. Eclipses are about releasing the past in a big way. The Moon (and thus our emotions) will be a highly sensitive right now. Dreams may contain messages or insights into the new energies emerging.

A repeated focus over the last year on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis  highlighted the need to balance our reliance on the rational mind, detached and mentally astute, but caught in daily dualities, superficialities, and a focus on difference, with a bigger, broader more holistic approach that is more feeling-intuition based and sees all as part of one unified source.

These eclipses have been about synthesizing and integrating these two seemingly opposite modes of processing out daily lives.  Old thought patterns, unconscious assumptions and self defeating core beliefs have to go.

As we examine the filters through which we view the world and each other, and confront the dualities in our lives and in our psyches, we may feel destabilized or a bit world weary.Just remember: this too shall pass. At the other end of it all may lie a possibility we haven't even yet envisioned.

So don’t give up hope. As my friend Doug often says:
‘new moment new choice!’ 

A New Moon is like a reset button. Focus your intention and let it be so.

“Just about anybody can succeed when things are going well; it takes a genius to succeed when situations get strange. Keeping the faith in the face of uncertainty or doubt is an ability that will serve you well.”                    

The most significant and spectacular recent event, outshining all the above, was the  Venus/ Sun transit, heralding the return of the exalted feminine.

The dominance of a left brained, overly rational, divisive masculine principal (patriarchy) has lead to centuries of oppression and rape of the planet, of women, indigenous cultures, etc and was/ is  rooted in a negation of feeling and intuition with the rule of might is right.

Venus, representing the feminine principal, re-emerges from behind the scenes to once again help us reconnect to the power of love.

These are powerful times. A lot is at stake. And we can do it!!


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