Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On....

I have certainly been having a retrograde experience writing this blog lately! My schedule is all wacky and I apologize for the randomness of when I post. Whether its due to Mars going backward in my 10th house of career, or because it is in Virgo, which rules health, a two month cycle of constant flu’s and colds has knocked me way out of anything like a normal routine. It’s definitely been two steps forward, one step back!

Oh well, Mercury in Pisces right now says go with the flow, so when in Rome….

The good news is: Mercury stations direct this Wed. April 4th. That means it stops its backward motion and begins to retrace its path through the last degrees of Pisces and back into Aries… (just in time to square Pluto and set the stage for the exact Pluto Uranus Square!! ) 

I was going to say… ‘and things can get back to normal’ , but there is no longer any 'normal' to get back to!! Everything is accelerating and the best we can do is stay present and enjoy the ride.

 The period just before and after Mercury turns is called the 'storm' phase and is a particularly delicate time. Retrogrades give us a chance to go back over things one more time… and Mercury in Pisces was/is about tuning into the depths. This led us into deep waters of the Neptune ruled subconscious realms.

As it turns forward again, it could trigger a tsunami of creative outpourings;  all that deep Piscean stuff can now be expressed outwardly. Just keep your swimming goggles handy (for clarity) as you get out your pens or paints,or your chisel. (Michelangelo eat your heart out!)

Insights and inspiration are truly needed now as we head toward a very powerful Full Moon that promises to knock our socks off.

 The rest period is now officially over.

The Libra Full Moon involves a Sun/Moon, Saturn/Pluto T-square in cardinal signs that is just about as pressurized as the Grand Cross of last year… setting off more rebellion, revolt, resistance, and hopefully, renewal, both  politically and personally.

 At the same time, Mars, Venus and Neptune/Chiron square off in Mutable signs ( fluid, changeable, uncertain).  

This is edgy energy, and a good deal of it is going to be focused on relationships. Mars (will, desire, aggression),   squared Venus (love, harmony, relating),     squared Neptune (intuition, fantasy dreams, illusions),   along with Chiron (wounds, vulnerability,  healing) will bring us some personal challenges and/or standoffs with those we love (or hate). Sometimes the shattering of illusions can be for our healing, though it may not feel like it at the time.  (more on the Full Moon in Thursday's post)

 In the meantime, watch your step and be as conscious as you can, and if you  feel the  sands  beginning to shift below your  feet, know that nothing can remain static at this time.

Things are revving up now after all these months of slow downs and blockages. And as we move more fully into the spring cycle, that fuse I mentioned a few weeks back is starting to burn a bit more brightly (A Spring Re-Awakening)After all this time of hesitation and inward reflection, it is now almost time to begin moving forward again. When Mars goes direct on April 14 things will start to speed up even more.

Question is:  forward into what?  Are we merely leaping from the frying pan into the fire?  Sorry to sound heavy... its just one of those years I am afraid!

Luckily, for the moment, there's also a sense of playfulness coming, with Venus stepping into sociable Gemini just as Mercury goes direct, highlighting communications of all kinds. Venus here loves to flirt and visit and talk till the cows come home. This is excellent for all social endeavours.

People also talk more when they are nervous. The mix of unsettling energies now can trigger a lot of surface chatter to cover an unconscious sense of unease. It’s healthy in stressful times to lighten up and have some fun, and Venus in Gemini is the one to help us do it. Just be careful not to become too distracted, as there is a need to be awake and alert in the coming days. 

I just read an article about the Mayan prophesy and all the changes and upheaval scheduled for planet earth in the coming year, particularly as the Sun crosses the gravitational belt of the Galactic Core on 12.12.12.  The key is to remain conscious and awake… or to try to become so.

This is about the evolution of human consciousness. We have the choice to work with these intense energies, rather than fearing or resisting them. It’s all about transformation (Pluto) and awakening (Uranus).

'There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on…'

it’s heaven and hell manifested simultaneously. It tells us that humanity is moving towards a new era of harmony, but in order to get there, we have to confront our greatest fears and accept that we experience difficult situations so that we can learn from them.”
                                                  “The Second Mayan Prophecy” quoted by Robert     
                                                             Wilkinson in Aquarius Papers,

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