Sunday, 29 April 2012

Taurus is Mother Earth

It’s nice to be back here on my blog after two weeks hiatus. I have been way off any semblance of a regular posting schedule for several months now. Health issues are sidetracking me to some degree (no astro pun intended!!)

Saturn squaring my Sun may be to blame in part (Saturn slows things down, can trigger health issues, create restrictions etc. Sun = self, and also squares Mercury very close by... which rules self-expression. Sigh!)

I will try my best to be more consistent though cannot promise anything more than my most sincere effort.

I mentioned earlier that Mars turning direct can bring up information previously hidden (or any planet turning direct after a retrograde period) Mars in Virgo moving direct has unearthed some very crucial information re my own health issues which in the long run will mean I can finally move out of a cycle of low energy that has hung about me for years and years.

In the meantime it’s going slowly and some of my projects are taking longer to manifest than my impatient self would like.

Perhaps when Mars returns to its original spot (before it turned backwards)  in my tenth house of career, there will be more forward movement. Till then lessons in surrender remind me daily to go one step at a time (Saturn).

This shows how transiting planets affect us individually as well as collectively. Though of course our choices and unconscious beliefs have a huge impact on how our lives unfold, the celestial environment does have an influence.

Right now for instance, aspects to Chiron signify deep healing and inner transformation.  The continuing grounding provided my major planets in earth signs helps us maintain a semblance of stability while we undergo what can be profound changes in our way of being. Look and see what house Chiron is in your chart will show you where these changes and transformations may be occurring.

The Grand Trine dominates the sky as the Sun in sensual earthy Taurus invites us to indulge our senses and dig deep into the earth, breathing in her rich aromas of fragrant fecundity. New growth and new ideas blossom in this rich and benevolent atmosphere as Mother earth surrounds us in her nurturing embrace.

Jupiter in Taurus can bring so much expansion on a physical level we may have to be careful of our amplified taste buds and culinary indulgences expanding our waistlines!! Forward moving Mars can be useful for propelling us into some exercise as well.

Meanwhile, today’s Moon in warm friendly Leo trines both Uranus and Mercury in Aries and links to Venus in Gemini. This vibrant, expressive and highly social energy field will bring people out of the woodwork to enjoy all kinds of interactions. We are strong in our neighbour as we connect to each other.

It’s a lovely weekend, back-grounded by the continuous rumblings and tumblings of our shifting, changing, transforming planet. The current gift of earth energy will continue all week and help us to stand still and ground deeply into who we are.  

Blessed be!

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