Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mars moving forward

Mars is finally changing direction and things will start to speed up. Sort of…

Don’t worry the fuse is definitely lit … I can already feel the shift in energy. Yet there are still obstacles in the way.

While Mars faces forward, Pluto turns back to retrace its steps for a while. This changing of the guard, so to speak, as the two warriors switch directions, one forward, one backward, creates a powerful build up of tension that may feel aggressive, pushy or highly impatient.

After feeling held back for months, there’s some edginess in the air. The Sun opposite Saturn for the next few days adds to the sense of tension and pressure. We may have to move cautiously for a while yet, as Mars retraces it’s steps back through Virgo.

Melancholy by Sue Raven (c)
 As mentioned in other posts, retrograde planets have us looking inward or take us back over things as we review whatever the house or sign covers. Mars is the planet of action and Virgo rules health work, and day-to-day dealings.

While Mars has been going backward in my 10th house of career, health issues (Virgo rules health, details, work)... has caused me to delay starting new work. This transit has also brought out a recent discovery that I have serious heavy metal poisoning (Mars rules metals). Apparently, according to Eric Francis at Planet Waves, when a retrograde planet turns direct, hidden information tends to appear. I got the blood tests results just as Mars turned around to face forward. What are the odds of that?

I also have a very strong Mercury in my chart (conjunct Sun/Self) as well as Saturn (1st house, body), and Saturn rules lead. Rather symbolic  that I have an excess of mercury and lead in both my astrological chart and my body!!

Gotta love Astrology!!

 Though it may seem like bad news, in fact it means I can finally deal with what's been negatively affecting my energy levels and start to move forward. Retrogrades do have their uses!

 Pluto going backward in Capricorn will have all of us reviewing our power relationships and issues with authority, which are already under pressure everywhere as Pluto more and more closely squares Uranus. Depending on what house Pluto is in your chart, what you thought was solid and stable may go through some kind of shake up or transformation. All around, things are begging for a new vision; a new way of living in the world. 

The tension of all this uncertainty may bring hidden issues to the surface under Pluto’s retrograde motion.  There may be more financial disasters uncovered, or old debts coming due. New ways, new systems  have to be found. 

And we will need to be aware of a tendency now to unconsciously create conflict. It is extra important now to focus on positive rather than negative processes and outcomes.

This coming Tuesday, Mercury, now heading forward again,  immediately hits Uranus once again.  Sudden insights and awakenings can happen under this transit, as Uranus accelerates our thinking and communication in the innovative sign of Aries.

As you to start to see your way forward, hold onto that vision; it will serve you well in coming months.


  1. With a diagnosis I hope you find relief soon. Nice posting thank you

  2. Thank you. And your welcome.