Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter 2012 Full Moon in Libra

Did you see the Moon last night?  A beauty!! So innocent and lovely in appearance,  yet so powerful. ( iron fist in a velvet glove?)

Full and bright at 17 degrees  Libra, close to Saturn in Libra and opposite Sun mid Aries,  plus Squared Pluto 9 deg. Capricorn and where I live, Square Asc. in Cancer.

Yikes!! Another Grand Cross formation... or, depending where you live,  at the least a T-Square. This Full Moon is a culmination of the powerful forces triggered by the Sun conjunct Uranus at the last New Moon. (scroll down to see New Moon article a few posts back)

This Easter weekend things are feeling  highly dynamic and pretty pressurized, via the extreme tension between these heavy hitters,  and increased by the Moon also having just passed over Uranus (the Awakener)

If you haven't felt the shift - from dormant and held back, to sparking forward,  you should now!!
The fuse has been lit and is starting to burn!

We also have a Grand Cross: four square  (= tense)  angles... (see last post)  in what are called mutable (changable) signs... between Mars, Venus, Neptune/Chiron and the North Node. There is a vulnerability to this combination  causing a tendency toward touchiness and tender or hurt feelings. Be gentle with yourself and those around you.

Mercury has just turned direct and Mars is about to, while Pluto is about to go retrograde.
In doing so, the gap will lesson between Pluto and Uranus as they head toward a face off in June.

This will add to the already tense atmosphere between the god of death and transformation (in Capricorn, materiality, established systems, authoritarian regimes) and the god of planet of revolution, rebellion and awakening.We will see even more uprisings and potentially violent confrontations manifesting as this energy seeks expression..

This is a powerful Easter sky, and from here on things are going to feel more and more pressurized and amplified. Whatever happens, it will be a year of powerful changes and deep transformations, on both a personal and global scale. This energy can be used creatively and positively or violently and destructively. The choice is up to us.

The Full Moon in Libra draws our focus to relationships again. Saturn going back and forth in Libra over the past year has been forcing us to examine our interconnectedness, and our relationship dynamics, asking us to clear out what is not working and/or commit more fully to what is.
 It's pretty much saying 'shit or get off the pot!!'

If you have planets in early Cardinal signs(Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) this is an especially challenging time.

A close friend who's Sun (self) in Libra was being hit by this square full on in the past year, has passed on suddenly, and unexpectedly,  just as Uranus (awakener, freedom) moved into an exact opposition of her Sun. Her departure was  sudden, and quite shocking (no one can believe she is gone); she surprised us all in true Uranian fashion. This was also a strong signature in her natal chart, so seems a perfect expression of her life and personality. She was a true free spirit, always seeking creative means of escaping restrictions; now she has that freedom bigtime!

 Bless you Maggie. Enjoy watching it all from wherever you are!! We will miss you.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us back on earth, Saturn can be tough medicine as it makes us face our limitations and admit our folly. It asks us to be clear and strong and to take responsibility for our own shadow... (what is hidden in ourselves that we project onto others). We grown strong through Saturn's challenges, even though we may resist the lessons at first. And we need to be able to differentiate between strength and rigidity.

A Full moon (especially in such close aspect to Saturn) amplifies those polarities, while at the same time we have Mars squaring Venus. That's the planet of masculine, yang energy (desire, action and aggression) squaring the female, yin archetype of beauty, receptivity to love, and relating. Arguments and stand offs could occur more often under this influence. We all may be a bit more trigger happy right now.

All this points to a focus on Right Relationship. How do I respect and love myself while at the same time doing the same for others. How much do I project my own anger and judgement outward when it is really myself that I am needing to change...  or forgive?

As we enter into this time of acceleration and transformation, everything will be amplified to a level which could cause some discomfort, as it pushes us to shift our consciousness above a level of just survival; of us vs them. When we are stuck in the lower frequencies, see see everything and everyone as a threat. Or, we try to hook into others as a source of energy in the false perception that we are somehow lacking.

Either way, right now any relationships that are operating from an adversarial perspective will become glaringly obvious. Libra's symbol is the scales. Balance and harmony is the theme. Love is the goal.

Full Moon's bring polarities into focus and ask us to find the meeting point.

As Libra's ruler, Venus (planet of love) squares Mars, things could be pretty edgy for sure,  and...  they could also be exciting.  There's a juiciness to all this wild energy moving around us; a lot of chemistry that we can channel in positive (and oh so fun)  ways.

So, to summarize: recent retrogrades have been holding back the tide for several months, and now that things are shifting forward, energies held back may now flood over us in a rather alarming fashion. The Full Moon has brought  everything to a peak,  combined with  powerful planetary configurations causing a dynamic tension begging for positive expression.

Over the next week, as  we shift into the disseminating phase, those waves of energy  will then slowly ripple out into the pond. 

Everything is calling for renewal and regeneration as all of nature is awakening and starting to grow and blossom. So we too will begin to move into new levels of awareness and creative expression.

It's a new day, its a new dawn.  Happy Easter!

by Maggie Bevan 1945-2012          Rest in Peace Maggie

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