Saturday, 14 April 2012

Choice/No choice

A friend of mine and I got into an extended and rather funny discussion about the idea of ‘free will’ today over on my Aurum Astrology page on Facebook (see sidebar) She was saying we are sort of  pre-programmed… like a video game… and the only choice we have is to enjoy… or not. I was arguing for personal choice.

In reality we are both saying the same thing from different viewpoints. I think she was saying that this is all an illusion anyway, as it is all a play we are in and we are merely acting out our parts (my interpretation of her words)

I was saying yes, but we chose to be here (my belief) and we can choose how we act out those parts…etc etc. Astrology shows what options/parts we have chosen  (our tendencies) and even then I still think we have a lot of leeway.

Astrology often triggers this kind of discussion.  I don’t believe in predictions per se, and feel strongly that we always have choice. Yet I find myself writing a weekly blog about what’s going on. I do try to use words like ‘may’ and ‘could’ rather than ‘will’ and ‘should’… because I feel so strongly about personal choice. ‘The planets Impel they do not Compel.’ (Liz Greene)

Interestingly, I just did an Astrological reading for someone whose birth date and time is extremely close to another person I know.

It’s really interesting to see the similarities between them, and also the differences. Both are Pisces and have some very distinctly similar Piscean characteristics, yet they each act them out in their own unique ways.

For example, the abundance of Neptunian and Piscean aspects in both their charts brings a great deal of creativity to one person, while in the other it manifests as healing and intuitive skills. Same energy; different manifestation.

 They are opposite genders as well, which in itself can bring in a differenct  manner of expressing the same or similar chart, based on hormonal differences, cultural influences etc.

Astrology has been  extremely helpful in each case to develop self understanding, yet I could not have predicted the ways they have each chosen to express these qualities. 

I see this as a system for understanding ourselves, not for predicting what is going to happen. Many people use it this way I know, but to me that takes all the fun and surprise out of life and diminishes my sense of choice, as well as my need to feel my way through.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a general overview. I would guess that is why you are here as well. If its going to rain I thank the weather person for giving me the heads up. Yet the truth is, they are not always right, and sometimes its just simpler to put my head out the window, feel the air and look at the sky.

Weather report tomorrow.

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