Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Full Moon in Virgo

In this chart ( you can see a beautiful Grand Trine (a triangle) between the Full Moon and Mars in Virgo, Jupiter/Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. For a few days there will be a sense of stability and blessing, despite  testy feelings hovering around the perimeter (the calm before the storm?)

A Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. In Virgo, it sits opposite the Sun in Pisces, the last Sign of the zodiac wheel, bringing a sense of completion or culmination to the zodiac year. Spring is just around the corner (in the Northern hemisphere at least) and we are going to be heading into some rather intense astrological weather.

It’s a good time to check the sails and mend the nets before heading out to sea. Or, if you can’t relate to watery metaphors, a chance to see where you are standing now, in relation to where you were at this time last year? Do you know where you are now…or where you are heading?

This is the last bit of preparation time you may get before things really start to really zoom forward in April.

This sense of extended pause seems to have been going on in some ways since the end of 2011, and is increased at the moment by Mars retrograde motion in Virgo and Saturn going backward in Libra. Both are pulling us back over issues and details and encouraging us to rethink and redo before we spring ahead in a few weeks.

 In a few days Mercury goes retrograde as well, with a propensity for scrambling our communications and making us take extra time to avoid glitches. It is a bit of a ‘hurry up and wait kind of situation.

There are some very interesting things about this next Mercury retrograde period that starts next Monday Mar 12th when Mercury now in Aries  moves backward  into Pisces.  I have discovered that it is actually quite positive and will help set the stage for the coming changes  (more next post).

Meanwhile, the current Pisces fluidity encourages us go with the flow. Two weeks ago, the New Moon in Pisces arrived right as the Sun was snuggling up to Neptune (ruler of Pisces), unleashing a flood of  cosmic love vibes into the atmosphere. Some of us have been rather floaty/dreamy ever since, with all sorts of intuitive and/or inspirational ideas flooding our beings with creative visions and awakening our deeper spiritual longings.

The Full Moon in Virgo asks us to put that into some sort of practical form.  Walk your talk. Make your love/vision/dream real.

Full Moons (or any sort of opposition) usually involve relationships of some sort, as, symbolically at least; we are dealing with someone/something standing opposite us.

With the Moon and Sun in polarity, emotions and egos are at full tilt, and everything can seem more extreme than usual as our primal instincts are heightened.

The Moon also bumps into warrior planet Mars at the same time, and Mars has a tendency to shove back.  Patience won’t come easily, with Mars’ edgy, gotta-get-going energy already feeling held back. The resulting frustration, especially for you Martians out there (um I mean Aries) can cause  flare ups and stand offs. This will manifest for the rest of us in the area ruled by the house the Moon or Sun are sitting in.

Pluto Squaring Mercury and  Uranus in Aries won't help either... adding power struggles to the list. Try not to be drawn into any battles. Take things slow but steady. It's not anyone's fault.  And it will happen … eventually !

Luckily, that lovely Grand Trine in earth will help stabilize and ground most of this wacky energy, providing a container and grounding the excess positive charge. It’s an excellent time to focus on creative projects (rather than pushing at people) and basically enjoy yourself.

You could snuggle up on a fur rug before a cozy fire as Venus (love) and Jupiter (joy) move closer together in sensual Taurus, adding a rich indulgent tone that encourages luscious tastes and yummy pleasures.

Chocolate, wine and thou?

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  1. yes, I can feel the backward pull and patience is called for. but it's so hard. I am overloaded with creative ideas, though, so even if some things are taking longer to manifest (publicity for book!!) new projects are already in action (CD for relaxation), and I'm gearing up for new moon retreat March 25

  2. Don't worry... things are going to start speeding up very very soon. Mars is already near turn-around point... and when the Sun enters Aries on Mar 22 it will almost immediately (few days after) hit Uranus...a planet of very fast new energy sudden change awakenings etc. We are really going to spring into spring this year. And the rest of the year is going to be pretty full on. So enjoy the is almost over. Next post is about using the Mercury retrograde to sort out the last bits as we re align with our warrior energy

  3. p.s. Your retreat will be the perfect time to align with the fresh start coming.

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