Sunday, 19 February 2012

Water Water Everywhere

Get your wellies out and your raincoats on; it’s about to rain!! (metaphorically speaking)

We are entering a very emotional and intuitive period as the Sun moves into the watery sign of Pisces where it snuggles up to Neptune (ruler of Pisces and god of the sea) and meets Mercury and Chiron there as well. 

Neptune has not been in its own sign since it was first discovered there 150 years ago. Many feel this return will trigger a shift in our consciousness, as our deeper spiritual side awakens (on a collective level) from a long sleep.

When we combine the misty light of Pisces with the transformative and healing power of Chiron, we can expect some deep processes to be set into play. We may feel a deep  urge to communicate (Mercury) our usually unconscious and intuitive urgings (Moon) which may result in some rather profound (or strange) conversations.

On Tuesday, the Moon joins them all for the New Moon in Pisces.   ( “I’d like to be, down by the sea, in an octopuses’ garden all alone…”)

 There is a sense of mystery associated with both Neptune and Pisces, and during this time we need to learn to let go of control and go with the flow. They say creativity arises out of chaos, and this is a particularly fluid and undefined environment right now.  

 Jupiter in Taurus, along with positive aspects  to Saturn, help ground the energy a bit, expanding our vision and giving it form. 

Thus we have inspiration and manifestation… with a bit of fire and tension thrown in by Mars, Uranus  and Pluto. Think of a potter working with clay (water and earth) and then firing the resulting vessel, to create a container for liquid… such as water…  to quench our thirst.

Water has the fascinating attribute of appearing rather innocent and innocuous, yet is actually extremely strong and resilient. Water is invisible; has no definite shape or colour, and adapts to whatever container it is put into. 

 Yet when in motion, the force of water can wear down any obstacle and its sheer volume can obliterate houses, land, vegetation, people; or whatever stands in its way (as we well know from recent floods and tsunamis in recent years).

In its pure form it has little taste or smell, yet it quenches the deepest thirst. We cannot live without it.

Water is a metaphor for spiritual sustenance, yet is also the key ingredient in the mists of illusion that can cause us to lose our way.

The sign of Pisces (as well as the 12th house which is Piscean by nature) can be home for addictions and delusions. Some will want to escape to a boundary-less world where one can easily become lost.

Then again, both Neptune and Pisces are associated with wisdom, kindness and compassion as well as creativity, sensitivity and intuition. 

True compassion arises from empathy as well as suffering. Pisces can be martyrs or saviours, or both. This duality is represented by the two fish in the Pisces symbol seen swimming in opposite directions.

With Chiron in this picture these dualities may be coming forward to be faced and healed. If you are playing either role in some way in your life, or  have a strong Neptune, Pisces or 12th house aspect in your own chart, this period could heighten those tendencies, and bring you to a point of having to break free from hopeless situations. That or sacrifice your self in order to save someone or something.

In these misty times it won’t be easy to see clearly. There is a lot of potential for dishonesty and dodgy dealings. Are we swimming in an ocean of illusion/ or an ocean of love? 

Meditations and healings will be deep, dreams  more vivid  as the veils thin and we access these inner dimensions.

The New Moon on Tuesday will give us the opportunity to set a clear intention for this last month of the astrological wheel before we start again at the spring equinox in Aries. This one should be based on feeling. Logic won't stand a chance.

With  all this formless, elemental water flooding our intuition and creativity, let your  poetic, musical  artistic soul out to play in the puddles. Then plant the seeds of creative ideas and see them flourish.

Remember: creativity comes out of chaos. It all began with water....

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