Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Outer vs Inner

There are two important distinctions to be aware of re interpreting current trends. There are what are called ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ planets, describing how close or far they are from earth.

Inner planets are called the personal planets and describe our more individual traits and tendencies etc. such as Sun for self, Moon for emotions etc. These planets move fairy quickly and their movement help describe our day to day experiences.

Outer planets, on the other hand, move slowly and affect whole generations. They are said to be impersonal and operate as major archetypal forces.

Where they are by sign can indicate big energies going on in the world, whereas where they are by house in our own charts shows how those big energies manifest specifically in our personal sphere.

So for example… Pluto in Capricorn right now is breaking down and transforming the material world (Capricorn). So, if it is in your 4th house, you might move or be  renovating or changing your house in some way. Or perhaps your family system is going through some kind of crisis.

On the global scale, an increasingly sharp aspect to Uranus… (planet of rebellion and sudden awakenings) … is triggering revolutionary reaction against authorities and established systems, institutions etc. all around the world. These planets were also  in tense aspects during the French revolution as well as in the rebellious 60’s.

 Pluto in your chart right now, by house, will show where power battles and deep transformation may be underway. It will destroy/overturn anything that is outworn and outmoded… in that area of your life. It will show where you may have issues with authority and where you have to learn about power.

A transiting planet usually has most impact if it is already highlighted in your own chart. So if you are, say Scorpio rising (ruler Pluto), then a Pluto transit is going to have a particularly powerful effect in the area of your chart it is passing through. .

We can  look at what sign an outer planet is to understand how it is operating at this moment.

In my last post I mentioned that outer planet Neptune, now in its home sign of Pisces, would help bring in the spiritual energies we need to move us through this breakdown and transformation of the material world.

I pointed out that Neptune brings us into a world with no boundaries, which can be a bit scary at first. It works by dissolving what we thought was real or solid.

Look and see where this might be happening in your own chart. It will show you where you need to let go and trust. A lack of certainty can lead to addictions and escapism as we struggle to navigate the watery realms. It can also lead to deep experiences normally beyond our reach.

When everything around us is topsy-turvy and nothing is certain, it is important to invest in qualities that can carry us through. It will therefore benefit us to become more comfortable in a world less structured and less defined.

Advice: build/find a boat (metaphorically speaking) that can carry you through this period of upheaval. We need a container/vehicle that isn’t too heavy … light enough to float but is durable and safe.

Big egos based on accomplishment or acquisition will sink. Attachment to material stuff will also sink us for sure. In fact, attachment,  period, adds weight we don’t need.

Neptune, by the way,  is the planet of detachment.

Our lighter self knows who we are beyond any outer trappings… and is accessed through stillness and inner processes.
 ‘angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’

Intuition and creativity can be vehicles of a stellar nature.

Even if you are not especially spiritually minded, being creative and adaptable in times of uncertainty is a sure way to make it through, and Neptune /Pisces energy is nothing if not adaptive.

Compassion for the suffering of others is also activated. So if you are in good shape yourself, reach out and help someone who isn’t.

Ok…now for the personal stuff:

Right now Mercury is heading into conjunction with Uranus in Aries. You might be surprised by what comes out of your mouth, or of  those around you.  New ideas new ways of thinking will be especially active in the next week or two.

This energy is getting us mentally ready for spring when the Sun will cross over into Aries  then quickly hit Uranus. Expect a revolutionary blast into the stratosphere.

Today, a  Kite formation focuses on Saturn which just turned just turned retrograde at the critical degree of 29 Libra. This shows some relationships hitting critical point… and one more chance to go back and see what the issues are. Saturn wants to make us get real in our relationships.

Venus (ruler of Libra) opp Saturn is challenging…there is not a lot of room to negotiate.  Walking away from what doesn’t work, committing to what does… taking responsibility for your own stuff…etc will be the focus. This may be a time of endings, or firming up what needs firming so you can move forward.

Responsibility  = ability to respond 

It is so easy to project onto others (especially with all the watery  Neptune, Piscean energy around). Illusions and delusions abound. We are all mirrors and what we see is often a reflection of aspects in our selves.

If the outside world is a screen and we are the lens, where we focus/project becomes our story or movie.

What is your theme?

Comments welcome.

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  1. Wow, I just read what I was writing in my journal a few minutes ago repeated in your blog! I am walking away from activities that scatter me, made decisions to say no to three things I loved in the past but that need clearing out to make room for Big New Projects that scare me. I see the broader picture and am embracing it....Dream big but take small steps as Sark put it.

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