Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Full Moon in Leo: Let's Party!

Today the Moon is Full in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius.
Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs. They can both be stubborn and inflexible yet both are also very friendly and open to people. 

Sun and Mercury sitting together in Aquarius help keep  lines of communication open. Aquarius is famous for its objectivity and ability to think outside the box, which can be very useful as a Leo Moon adds a little drama to things. Leo can be a bit  me, me, me and won't tolerate anyone trying to outshine them.  This is Leo's day  and most Aquarians won't mind stepping back and giving him or her center stage. 

 This is a fairly social Full Moon for everyone as a square from expansive Jupiter adds to the warmth of feeling and generousity coming from Leo. The only danger is that Jupiter in Taurus will amplify Leo’s love of expensive, rich delights and could trigger a spending spree or other types of self indulgence.

 Leos love to pamper themselves and Jupiter in earthy sensual Taurus could trigger an urge for things like sex and chocolate and yummy rich food , (extra cream in your coffee?) …you get the idea.  And who says that’s a bad thing… unless you do it every day, sometimes it’s good to spoil yourself.

Saturn is also in the picture to balance Jupiter’s exuberance…  so everything should find a balance of sorts. Just don’t get into a push pull dynamic between Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn always wants to spoil the party. Neptune should help mellow things out by linking to Saturn and Jupiter. It adds a nice sweetness to this Moon; there’s a lovely creative flow of energy that will work to keep us all getting along and provide inspiration for any lone artistic types who must follow the muse.

And despite Mars backward motion in Virgo making us just a little bit bitchy and critical at times as we go back over stuff we thought/hoped was finished, there’s still positive energy in the air.  

Sometimes the positive charge is caused through friction… which is currently (no pun intended ;) provided by Mars opposite Venus. It’s past its peak but there are still some sparks in the air that can be used positively or negatively depending on what gets it going (or what gets you going). This is the classic male, female, Yin/Yang polarity that creates chemistry for some and standoffs for others. Opposites attract! Just remember if you play with fire you might get burned.

The Moon trined Uranus crackles with electricity… there is definitely a charge in the air. Add Uranus into any mix and who knows what will happen.  You may be surprised or unsettled by this energy and it can be hard on the nerves, especially with the tension building between Uranus and Pluto. 

These are tricky times. Things are shaking down all around us and we all need to tread gently. Not easy where Pluto is involved. Pluto pushes and shoves and blows the lid off any repressed emotion or bottled up feelings.

We need to develop a zen way of moving through all this intensity. Blocking it will only make it worse… but how to channel and  process such a powerful primal, electric charge? I started Tai Chi today… a perfect method for learning how to go with the flow.

Speaking of flow; Neptune has now moved back into its home of Pisces, where it will stay for the next 14 years. Neptune takes us deep into the depths of our being evoking dreams and vision both illusory and real depending on where it takes you. 

The veils will begin to be  thinned now as boundaries are weakened. That can benefit someone with too much earth or fire… though people with air or water will need to stay grounded.

Neptune can lure us into a false dream that some won’t want to wake from. Sometimes, especially in these fraught times, its easier to escape into fantasy that face reality.

Yet, ironically, Neptune can also take us into a reality truer than one we know here (or so some say).  We  are not on this planet forever, and everything physical decays and dies at some point.  Neptune shows us what is beyond the veil.

The trick is to bring that vision back down to earth, into our lives. 
Let heaven be on earth.

May the  warmth of this Full Moon in Leo shine upon you and in you… and  let your own light shine inside and out.

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  1. thanks, I can see all of that today, and am going on a full moon walk tonight.