Saturday, 7 January 2012

Full Moon in Cancer on Monday

Today's sky was full of  many positive aspects, giving us a break from a rather relentless planetary environment.

And the Sun is finally far enough away from Pluto to allow a sigh of relief. Is it just me or has the last week or so been bloody INTENSE!!?   

So much for the Solstice/Christmas break... we are now back full swing into the powerful planetary dynamics that are shaking up our world both inside and out.

On Monday the Moon is Full in its own Sign of Cancer, stirring up our emotions and highlighting our dreams. A Full Moon heightens feelings as it sits radiant and glowing in opposition to the Sun.

The Sun is in Capricorn,  archetypal Father of the zodiac, and the Cancer Moon is the Mother. They signify a tricky balancing of our need to take responsibility for ourselves with a need to nurture and be nurtured.

These sorts of issues often arise in relationships, as Full Moons activate polarities between people. Mercury's current stressful links to Mars, Uranus and Pluto could make communication a bit edgy right now ... be careful of sudden outbursts, power plays and combative stances.

Try to stay cool and go slow. Use a caring Cancerian touch to sooth those hard edges, and  Capricorn strength to maintain your dignity and maturity.

Communication (and balance)  is key.

There's a tendency toward pettiness and nit picking right now.  Diplomacy and negotiation go a long way toward finding middle ground.  A Sagittarian influence in our speaking and thinking will help us see the bigger picture, and bring us to even higher ground.

The tides are high inside of us and we need to navigate carefully.

In Astrology, the Sun rules logic and the conscious ego self, while the Moon relates to intuition and soul consciousness. We all live in and move through both day and night. Each has its gift; each has its pitfalls.

As we travel through the day we have an opportunity to manifest something outwardly that is an expression of our inner being. In the nighttime journey, the inner world takes precedence as the soul moves into the deeper realms. 

In our materialistic, outward focused culture, we often ignore or forget the pull of the inner voice of the soul. Our outward persona or ego often takes precedence over our inner self.

This Moon can help us focus on our intuitive nature and get in touch with our deeper feelings. The trick is to do it consciously rather than be triggered unconsciously... which is when emotions can become overwhelming and destructive.

At Full Moons, drumming, dancing or singing/chanting have been in use all over the world since time began to tap into the powerful Full Moon energy. Sacred ritual can carry us into trance states not normally accessible to our logical mind ... healing our hearts and refreshing our psyches.  

Let the rhythm of the Moon carry you away.

Or, if you prefer quiet contemplation, let the light of the Full Moon guide you inward on an intuitive journey.

May the long time Sun/Moon shine upon you
all love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide your way home....

             'GoldMoon Landscape'       copyright Aurumastrology


  1. nice post Sue. right in line with Mona Lisa Shulz's 3rd chakra information about self-nurture versus responsibility to others.
    "tricky balancing of our need to take responsibility for ourselves with a need to nurture and be nurtured" - this seems to be a major life theme right now

  2. Hello Raven,

    I am a friend of Jennifer’s,(part of her Women’s Circle) and would like to share something with you.

    After a difficult emotional outburst that overflowed toward my husband this evening, I came down to get some tea to clear my stuffy, over-cried eyes and nose. I peaked into Jennifer’s website, and found the link to your blog. Lo and behold, your description of the effects of the full moon reflected exactly the incidence that transpired here tonight. The serendipity is incredible!

    Today, I had an appointment at the university to inquire about getting the degree that I never pursued in my younger years. I have felt afraid, and frozen with inaction on this subject for many years. Just taking this step was pretty big for me, and I still feel daunted by the enormity of the task. I feel like I need permission and encouragement from someone in order to take this on. This line from your blog stood out for me...(among many more!) They signify a tricky balancing of our need to take responsibility for ourselves with a need to nurture and be nurtured.

    I have often noticed a hyper-sensitivity at the full moon. Tonight was just a doozy. Your blog helps me to see that maybe I’m not really going crazy after all.
    thank you, I.

  3. I am so deeply touched by your comment. Thank you. It makes blogging worth doing. Isn't it amazing how we get what we need at just the right moment? Yes, Full Moon's bring things to the surface. Sounds like you have some strong Moon energy in you. I wish you all the best with your pursuit of a degree. I went through a similar journey and its been pretty amazing. There's a strong signature in the sky right now (besides the Full Moon) in Sagittarius.... that is all about finding our higher purpose. I wish you success in finding yours.

  4. and thanks Jenn for your comments and linking to my blog. I went on Mona Lisa Shultz'z site... I like what she writes.