Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

 Mercury, planet of communication, is pausing today to begin its backward motion and it is already wreaking havoc.  I just experienced every writer's nightmare as I have just lost the file containing my whole post about the Partial Solar eclipse today in Sagittarius.

I truly don't think I have the energy to write it all again...perhaps tomorrow morning I will add to this.

Just know that an eclipse is a New Moon where the Sun and Moon line up exactly. New Moons and even more so Eclipses...represent new beginnings. The last week or so has been a winding down from intense Scorpio into light and breezy Sag. As we let go of the old, this Eclipse heralds new dynamic forward motion.

The intention of a New Moon is heightened with an eclipse so this is a powerful time to set intentions. Make your wish and let it be so. 
Sagittarius, the seeker of the zodiac, is ruled by the largest planet, Jupiter, and carries Jupiter's generousity and humour.  

 Sag seeks to expand and extend itself through travel, physical activity, foreign cultures, philosophy, higher learning,  and play.   Jupiter in Taurus grounds our ideals and heightens our senses. (A perfect aspect for this weekend's Thankgiving celebration in the US.)

May the generousity and expansiveness of Sagittarius lead you on your path toward... your true self.

Sagittarius is the seeker of truth. Nothing less will do.

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