Saturday, 19 November 2011

Moving Right Along

                                     Angel of the North

I know I can sometimes get all wordy and philosophical on here but today I thought I'd give you a break from all that and stick to a basic overview.

We are in the Waning Moon cycle (last quarter) heading toward a New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in Sagittarius on Nov 24th. From now to then some situations will be winding down or shifting to make way for new energies. Even a partial solar eclipse (as this one is) marks the end of a cycle and the start of another. So prepare for change.

And in the midst of change, a Grand Trine in earth signs continues to provide us a bit of stability in these oh so unstable times. Within that, Pluto's building square to Uranus continues to stir things up (like bringing Occupy events in many cities to a boiling point). 

It appears there is a concerted effort to evict protesters. Many have not given up and I wish them well. They may seem a fringe group yet I feel they are speaking for all of us as they protest the corruption and greed of corporate power. Up with the people.

Several planets in fire signs, along with the Sun in late Scorpio trine Uranus and square Mars... increase the tempo right now, and we need to keep in step. One two one two.

Trines are more fluid than tense squares... so actually more like one two three, one two three. Still, Uranus energy is always a bit edgy and upsetting (or unsettling) wherever it touches. This may mean nothing worse than a bit of impatience or short temper; just be aware there are some sparks in the air. Don't stand too close to gasoline.

And if you are driving home for Thanksgiving weekend, take your time, go slow, let it flow.

The Sun also ties into the last bit of opposition between Neptune and Mars. This dodgy energy creates a susceptibility to delusion and denial. Recent news stories about the latest cover-ups in sexual abuse cases (Penn State) fits that profile.  News bulletin: looking the other way does not mean it isn't happening.

Scorpio Sun can be ruthless when squared like this to Neptune and Mars, though it will likely be all cloak and dagger as Neptune blurs the lines and the rules.

The Moon joining aggressive Mars in exacting Virgo will add some oomph as well as a bit of clear focus, though the Moon's opposition to Neptune just before entering Virgo brings some of that foggy weather with it. 

So a double warning to watch out for dishonest motives and shady deals... and drunk drivers (including yourself). Don't drink and drive (a very bad idea any time and especially with Mars opposite Neptune).

And though of course you would never do that,  Jupiter opposite Saturn creates a push pull between a need for discipline and the urge to indulge.

Jupiter in Taurus brings us many blessings and gratitude for the abundance in our lives...and it also encourages us to help ourselves to that extra portion and that extra drink.

Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio continues to beckon to us from the depths, while Mercury and Venus in Sag just want some fun. 

Sagittarius is the seeker of the zodiac and with the added factor of the upcoming eclipse on Nov 25th (at 3 degrees Sag) there is a urge for adventure and expansion. This could be physical or metaphysical.  We can expand more than our waste-line now with these outgoing energies as Jupiter brings a sense of generosity and gratitude for the abundance in our lives.

One last thing... Mercury is going retrograde next week so it might be a good idea to organize your stuff now before the potential scramble occurs.

Let the all time Sun shine upon you
and around you
and the pure light within you
guide your way home.

p.s. Just realized that American Thanksgiving is not this weekend but the next one. Duh!! Up here in Canada it was in October. 

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