Friday, 16 September 2011

Weekend of Love

Or not.

I know some Astrologers get really hung up on making accurate predictions. Yet if you are living in the moment how can you say what will happen tomorrow? It’s enough to be here today is it not?

An Astrological forecast is a description of the weather. It is not a script nor is it an indictment; I am not going to tell you the future.     It just helps to know the terrain before you go out into the fray… 

Do I need to take my umbrella? A weapon? A map? … which costume shall I wear upon the stage?

The weekend weather report:
Venus has moved into its own sign of Libra. The planet of love has come home…only to immediately step into the chaos of the ongoing T-square between Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn. All bets are off when it comes to love right now.

It could be intense, compulsive, addictive, (Pluto),  it could disappoint and discourage you (Saturn) or it may surprise or upset you or leave you as fast as it arrives (Uranus),

Then again…it could transform you (Pluto) invigorate you (Uranus) or stabilize you (Saturn).

The sensual Taurus Moon pulls on our physical needs,  while Neptune continues to weave  misty dreams of deception or redemption. Chiron’s presence makes us edgy.

 Meanwhile, Jupiter Pluto and Mercury compel us to see and speak the truth, despite Neptune’s obfuscation. Take care not to exaggerate. Be honest. Be true.  Be real. 

Like some Shakespearian play, many scenarios can and will be woven from these diverse elements.  
In the end, the veils will part, the truth will out.     

As the curtain lifts… we find ourselves on a planet called Earth...

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