Friday, 9 September 2011

Moving toward the Full Moon in Pisces (Monday)

As we head toward the Full Moon on Monday the Grand Trine of planets  in Earth signs continues to ground and stabilize us through the weekend. 

Did you think I was gonna say Grand Cross? Whew! Not this time. 

Saturn is moving out of range and there is nothing at the moment in the sign of Cancer. Well…except for Mars… but it has moved away from this tense aspect that has been dominating our skies for quite some time.

 With Mars  no longer opposite Pluto ... thank goodness … the riots have stopped…for now. The Uranus/Pluto square will create more rebellion, revolution and upheaval to be sure … but at least for now the combustion of an added god of war has been removed.

Now Mars is square Saturn. That’s a bit like driving with the brakes on. If you feel you are spinning your wheels…take your time, go slow … find a step-by-step approach.

Going slow isn’t that bad ... why not we relish the mellow, stable and positive flow of earth energy? We know it won’t last but hey … at least it’s the weekend and we can enjoy ourselves a bit. Plus there is a strong Neptune influence right now to soften the edges even more.

Yup no more hard edges … instead, with Neptune opposite Mercury, there could be a bit of a fog in our brains. We are dreamier and less clear than usual … so be careful ... let someone else drive if you have been enjoying  any Neptunian indulgences.  For although there are several planets in Mercury ruled Virgo, stimulating our mental processes, the strong opposition of Mercury by Chiron and Neptune is actively thwarting them. 

 I have lost my keys repeatedly in this dreamy atmosphere…missed a few appointments ... as it threatens to carry me away into the mist. I decided today  to just go with it…letting it take me deeper. Not a bad feeling I might add.

Chiron could stir up vulnerable feelings and  some of us will be a bit touchy over the next few days.  It’s a short path from empathy to melancholy. Neptune can inspire our heart felt compassion and carry us into the depths of our soul… or to the depths of despair. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Monday's Full Moon in Pisces brings it all to a head and lights a path to compassionate action…as our need  to be of service is powerfully activated. Look around you and see where there is good to be done. Pass it forward as they say…

The Full Moon brings to culmination  what we put out on the previous New Moon. I told the story of my cosmic taxi driver a couple of posts back… and I am happy to say my request has manifested in a simple yet deep longing to feel the love and joy inside my own heart.  He told me to mediate/more worry less… so I am. (so far so good). 

Compassion for others doesn’t preclude the same for yourself. As within... so without (or something like that)

So enjoy the flow, enjoy the calm, and extend you hand or your heart (or both) to someone today.

Peace be with you.

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  1. Correction: I said no more soft edges instead of no more hard edges . See what I mean...Neptune's messing with my brain...