Friday, 30 September 2011

Cardinal what?

As there are a lot of planets sitting in Cardinal signs at the moment... a lot of them in Libra, plus we keep hearing about the Cardinal Grand Cross that was been hanging around for ages...  I  thought I should help clarify the term Cardinal a little bit.

The Astrology wheel is divided up into 12 sections...and in this circle  you can see a cross made up of four points.

On the left is called the Ascendant or Rising Sign and is based on the time of day you were born. This is the Cusp of the 1st house and is about you coming into the world. It is your entry point.

The next point of the cross is on the bottom of the chart and is called the Nadir or IC.  It is the cusp of the 4th house and represents your Root. Your home. Mother. Inner self.

The next point of the cross is on the right and is the cusp of the 7th house of relationships. Its about who you attract, partnerships etc.

Then the top point of the cross is the MC or Midheaven. It is the cusp of the 10th house... which is about career and our public self.

These four Cardinal angles, as they are called, are  considered key points in a chart...and the signs that rule them are
Aries (1st)     Cancer (4th)    Libra (7th)    and     Capricorn(10th)

Definition: important, key
Synonyms: basic, central, chief, essential, first, foremost, fundamental, greatest, highest, indispensible, leading, main, overriding, overruling, paramount, pivotal, preeminent, primary, prime, principal, ruling, vital

These important points in the astrology wheel are where,  right now in our sky,  some very powerful planets are hanging out... and all in very  tense angles to each other (square).

 The tension itself between planets like   Pluto (death and transformation,crisis),  Saturn (structures, systems, fate)  Uranus (shock, change, rebellion, upheaval) .... is difficult enough. These alone are very potent highly combustable combinations.

Add the fact that they are on the Cardinal angles tells us that there is a very important process going on.  Such major planets sitting on the Cardinal points signifies a key turning point for both ourselves and for our planet
 (4th house = where we live)

I was listening to an ElsaElsa blog online (see side bar for link) and she  described these points as asking the following questions:

1st: Who am I?
4th: Where am I?
7th: Who am I with?
10th:  What should I do?

Whether you are shaken or strengthened by these powerful alignments... you can rest assured that there is something BIG going on. Cardinal... as in vital.

It is a time of deep transformation and change.... around who we think we are (1st, Aries) ,   where we live (4th, Cancer), how we relate to each other (7th, Libra) ,  and what we are going to do about it(10th, Capricorn).

These  key questions are now coming at us with great force... stirring up shock, resistance, fear, uncertainty etc.

At this moment the  focus is on Libra... with five planets hanging out in the 7th house of relating and partnering. Libra's signature planet is Venus... the planet of Love.  It's symbol is the scales of justice and fair-play.  (See the last post for more on Libra).

For now the question is: can we get along?
And maybe the second one is : what's love got to do with it?

Good question...(I think)

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