Friday, 2 September 2011

And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden....

We’ve moved from playful Leo to thoughtful, practical Virgo. The new Moon in Virgo was a few days ago…we're now in a new monthly cycle.

I had a remarkable experience that day. I was feeling a bit depressed at having to end my lovely visit on the beautiful west coast of Canada where my son and his family lives. And I have been very worried about him, as he has been struggling with a serious illness now for a few years. He is getting better in general, but suffered a big set back recently that was/is hard to witness. So I was feeling a bit down.

Landing at the airport in my hometown, I remembered it was the New Moon, so I asked myself what did I truly wish for… what intention did I want to put out there? (besides seeing him well of course)  I heard a quiet inner voice say  ‘I just want to be happy’ …  (knowing full well that my true happiness lies within me).

I got a taxi home and the driver was a very eloquent East Indian man and we started chatting about life and health and happiness etc (as you do) and I told him about my son and that I was worried about him etc.  When we arrived at my destination, he turned around and said to me… “if you want to be happy,  just be happy. Meditate more, worry less. Make it a choice. You can’t help anyone else if you are not yourself happy…”  (spoken in a beautiful lilting Indian accent) Then he just smiled at me and drove off. 

I love when life answers me in such an immediate way!! (who knew there were such cosmic taxi drivers!?) I thanked him (and the universe) for these words of wisdom and took to heart what he said to me.

Out there in the Astrological sky, Mercury has gone direct but still has ground to make up after its backward things are still a bit wonky.  And Neptune opposite is helping to extend the fuzzy retrograde feel a bit longer. The Moon today is squaring those as well,  and emotions are full of wistful longing.

Illusions and dreams thrive under Neptune influences, yet so does inspiration. It will be fluid like this for a few more days still, so let your mind relax and wander… perhaps something magical will emerge from your dreaming. Like inspiration. Or bliss. Or happiness.

The last few days there has also been a sense of deep well- being resonating out from a Grand Trine between Sun and Venus in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.   This  earthy aspect helps to ground and stabilize things after a rather fraught period of Grand Cross upheaval and violence triggered by Mars in Cancer, and Eclipse shake-ups. 

'Out with the old, in with the new'  is the slogan to live by in these eventful times… though the old guard is certainly putting up quite a fight. It’s never easy to change and most of us will cling to what is familiar until we are forced to give it up or it is taken from us.

And that is definitely happening with many world systems on the edge of collapse and  numerous countries  in a state of melt down.

   I know,  I know... you’ve heard it all already.
 "Tell me something I don’t know" ... you say.

Did you know that the ocean is 6 miles deep in some spots? I learned that in a film I saw tonight.  And parts of it are totally unexplored?    Sort of symbolic don’t you think?    With Chiron in Pisces we are all invited to go deeper… into our own inner depths.

And really… what do we know?   In the end… not much.  I find Astrology more and more astounding in its ability to describe subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) aspects of a person or a situation or a time. Every time I do a chart it amazes me how much is there.

And yet I feel like I know so little. I know I want to be happy. And I also know that happiness lies within me, though I often forget it.  All the explanations won’t change the fact that every breath is passing by unnoticed. Whatever is happening on the outside, life is happening on the inside. And I want to focus on that, be aware of that.

The rest…  is a fascinating mystery.

Have a great weekend.     
Enjoy the mystery.

"We are stardust, we are golden
And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden..."


  1. cool little I Ching device there, if distracting. I came here to say what? oh yeah, great article Sue. I love our story of the taxi driver, I love that your writing is very personal and narrative, weaving in the information about the planets into your story. Very cool that you are now on facebook. I 'liked' it.

  2. Thanks Jenn xx
    I just did the I Ching reading and I got '14. Possession in Great Measure.' I am feeling the blessings of an abundant universe.