Thursday, 4 August 2011

Things are about to get a bit tricky....

Hold on to your hats!!   Mercury is now going backwards…  scrambling our minds and our communication…. while Mars is now in Cancer square Uranus and Saturn and opposed Pluto (the Cardinal Grand Cross).

Uranus = sudden shocks, changes, surprises.  Pluto = destruction, crisis, transformation.  Saturn = resistance, oppression, authority, difficulty.

Should we be worried?  Never.  Worry is unproductive and just keeps us stuck in whatever we are worried about. 

Should we be alert, cautious, and aware?  Yes. This is a good time to cross the t’s and dots the i’s. Check anything you send or sign or say.  Be prepared for delays. 

And… use discretion when confronting anyone…. as there is a very volatile atmosphere in the air.  

Mars is in Cancer, which is a highly emotional sign even without the planet of war hanging out there… so besides the very tense aspects to those very heavy hitting planets, it is very likely going to stir up a lot of emotional debris. 

So what should we do? 

There's a book called The Four Commitments and one of them is also really good advice:

 "don't take anything personally". 

And/or…if that fails...find a constructive outlet for potentially explosive energy (chop wood, do karate, build something, go hiking up a really big mountain)

Something else to consider:  all this pressure can be likened to the process of a diamond forming…intense heat pressure etc creates something so incredibly beautiful and strong. 

Let me know how it goes...............and if all else fails…duck!!  "Everywhere you go you take the weather with you..."

p.s. more on Mercury retrograde in next installment.. It's about going back over things. A good time for reflection. Don't worry be happy.

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