Saturday, 13 August 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius Universal Love

If you are feeling anything like I am feeling all I can say is ...  what a ride!!

There's a Full Moon today in Aquarius.... opposite a bunch of planets including the Sun in Leo. The energy has been building all week and we have a glorious radiant Moon to fill us with light.

And that light is much needed, as  all sorts of violent planetary pressures are coming to a head via 
Mars (aggression, violence, war, desire) 
opposite Pluto (power, control,death, transformation) 
square Uranus (sudden shocks, rebellion, uprising, insight) 
and Saturn (systems, authority, material world, karma) 

Result = look around at the  craziness! 

Stock market/global economy crashing again, the London riots...spreading to many parts of England,  etc etc etc 

All this tension has been ongoing for some time now with the Grand Cross/ Grand Irrationality stuff... but now and then it builds to a peak..... and the last week or two has been one of those times...Holy Schmoly!!

 As soon as Mars moved into connection with the Grand Cross all hell broke loose... ( it will begin to lessen over the next week or so... though of course the Grand Cross continues...but  at least Mars will have moved on...whew!)

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the French Revolution.... when it was also in harsh aspect to Mars Uranus and Saturn.  The underclasses rebelling against those in power. There was so much violence much blood.     Do we need to do that again? (i.e. the violence)    I don't think so.

Meanwhile, there's the usual madness and mayhem with Mercury retrograde.

Are we having fun yet?

The Grand Irrationality says ...let go of expectations...let upheaval happen...let the change happen. Find the centre in yourself...bring light into your heart and then into the world.

An Aquarius Full moon is all about Universal Love.  It is about freedom. Leo Sun is about self value.

Let the Aquarius Moon shine the light of brother and sisterhood on us all...we all belong to one human family...and we are shining suns ... each of us.

 Let your inner light shine. Shine on each other.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"    (Mahatma Gandhi)


  1. thanks for putting this in perspective, Sue. Upheaval and transformation through fire. I'm reading a book about Cleopatra's daughter who lived in the time of Augustus in Rome, after he conquered Egypt. Uprisings by the plebs, setting fire to the Forum, disruptions of the Patrician's hold over slaves....(they imported slaves to do their work, while we call it immigration....)

  2. Sounds an interesting book send me the title. I will look up the astrology...can bet theres some PLuto Uranus Saturn tension going on.

    Amazing how these balls of matter moving through space can have so much effect. Next post I am going to put a link in to a site where you can hear the sounds made by each planet. Proof that they do emit powerful energetic frequency waves...