Thursday, 21 July 2011

Taurus Moon Weekend

The Moon in Aries (fire) was conjunct Uranus last night (lightning bolt) and had me up till 4 am. I also suspect the supposedly decaf soya late’ I had at 9 pm was not decaf. Sigh.

I feel invigorated though… true sign of a Uranus influence. The Moon also hit the big T-square with Pluto and Saturn at others points… not easy yet something big can shift when we get moving with the energetic force rather than agin it. (please excuse me I am reading a book set in Scotland and it’s triggering an old Scottish self that emerges from time to time…hehe)

It feels a big shift has happened within me …like a huge dark boulder that I have had my shoulder up against for some time … has slowly started inching forward … if only by small increments. The resulting sense of relief may be due to the Grand Cross energy easing now as both the Sun and Venus move further on through Cancer (Sun about to enter Leo)

We can all breath a sigh of relief as this powerful configuration loses some of its intensity.  Och aye!! 

The T-square remains though (the other three points in the cross) … there will remain great pressure in the skies for some time to come. That said, that intensity is also lessened at the moment by Uranus going backward as of last week. This will take off some of the pressure,  and we all get a bit of a breather from what has been an challenging   month.

And, while it temporarily goes backward (in astrological terms), Uranus links again more closely with Jupiter… bringing optimism and deeper inner visions. This is a good time to listen to your intuition and manifest abundance.

Today’s Aries Moon just newly in contact with Uranus will also make some of us impatient and rebellious…. with unexpected, erratic mood swings and sudden outbursts. It was exact last night so it is already losing its punch. Did you have any flare ups yesterday? Or lose sleep as I did?

By this weekend the Moon in Taurus will slow us all down and cool our tempers;  distracting us by deepening our need for pleasure and comfort. Indulging our senses will feel especially good right now as we bask in Midsummer’s glow.

I am off to a local music festival situated on a lovely island at the heart of the city…bit like a mini central park. There will be fantastic music and food and people …in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by trees and birds and flowers. Just the thing!

One last bit….The Sun enters Leo on the 21st. It's time to shine! That plus Mercury in the last part of Leo is bringing out our sense of personal pride and a deep need for attention. Mercury is at the same time opposing Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This may make some of us a bit insecure about our right to ask for a bit of space and conflicts could ensue..

Neptune and Chiron activate both our vulnerability and our compassion, bringing healing to any potential ego bruising that may ensue. It all could mean a much-needed lesson in humility, or a chance to practice loving kindness.  

What we say and think (Mercury) can have a big impact right now … so go gently with yourself and others.


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  1. So much happening at the same time, however, this has been quite a busy year by far astrologically. This is the time to relax till the end of this year. Thanks for sharing such an interesting article on Taurus Moon.!!